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Duke Nukem Forever
Game Description:Duke Nukem is back, and Vegas is his new playground. That is, until the aliens bust up the opening of Duke's new casino! Stupid aliens! Duke Nukem Forever brings back the king of action in a highly anticipated game set to pummel players with unprecedented interactivity, variety, realism, and Duke's special whoop-ass brand of humor. The first in-house Duke Nukem game by 3D Realms since Duke Nukem 3D. Powered by the latest in Unreal technology, Duke Nukem Forever delivers an intense FPS experience, with stunningly detailed characters in expansive interactive maps. Motion captured animation and realistic area-sensitive damage take realism to scary new heights, and make picking off those alien bastards all the more fun. DNF will push the limits of gaming and establish new standards in interactivity, variety, and pure fun. This version of the long, long, long, long, long-awaited PC shooter was (surprisingly -- it was rumored for every system but Nintendo's at the time) officially announced for the GameCube in 2001. However, forever eventually became never as the Cube version disappeared from mention after numerous delays of the PC title.
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With Blair Herter & Morgan Webb