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  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Genre:Fighting
  • Developer: HAL Laboratory
  • Release Date:Dec 3, 2001
  • # of Players:4 players
  • ESRB:T - Teen (Titles rated "Teen (T)" may be suitable for ages 13 and older, and may contain violent content, mild, or strong language, and/or suggestive themes.)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:The sequel to the N64 fighting classic returns with more Mario mayhem than ever before. Four-player fighting has never looked so cute as you choose your character from 25 Nintendo favorites. You start out with 18 arenas to choose from, with more to unlock as you play. Save your multiplayer stats to keep track of your record against friends, and when you're alone, take on the new single-player side-scrolling mode. Take snapshots at any point, and keep them for bragging rights.
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Super Smash Bros. Melee Cheats

  • Captain Falcon's alternate costumes:

    enter code at the character selection screen

    Code: X or Y

  • Daisy costume:

    When playing as Peach, enter code

    Code: X or Y

  • Falco hint:

    When using Falco, you can go up to an opponent and press Down-B, to use the Reflector Shield. Not only does this reflect projectiles and send them smashing back into your foe, but if used right nest to the foe, it sends them flying into the air easily. Best used for the Wire Frame people.

    Code: Down, B

  • Link:

    As Link, Press down (control stick)+ B over an enemy For a move that deals around 20% damage.

    Code: Press down (Control stick) + B

  • Mewtwo cheat:

    Click down B twice. Once to stun people. Twice to send them flying. Mewtwo's down B move is sure to \"stun\" people. Hahahahaha. Get it "stun". Hey I made a joke.

    Code: B (2)

  • Nana costume:

    Choose Ice Climbers and enter code at the character selection screen until Nana (the one with the mouth open) is in front of Popo (the one with the mouth closed). If Popo is hit too far, Nana will still be left (no lives will be taken away). If Nana is hit too far, Popo is unable to move and they will both lose (one life is lost).

    Code: X or Y

  • Super Shield:

    Press the L or R button slightly but not all the way and your sheild will be bigger and shrink at a much slower rate.

    Code: Press the L or R

  • Wario costume:

    When playing as Mario, enter code

    Code: X or Y

  • Battlefield stage

    Finish the game in all-star mode.

  • Final Destination stage

    Finish event mode #51 (The Showdown).

  • Sandbag trophy

    Hit over 1,000 ft. in Home-run Contest.

  • Koopa Troopa

    This code has been reported inaccurate. Beat Classic in Very Hard mode using any character, amount of stocks, or continues. Beat Adventure mode the same way, then beat All- Star mode with Mewtwo. You will unlock Koopa Troopa.

  • Mushroom Kingdom II stage

    Win a Birdo trophy to unlock the Mushroom Kingdom II stage from Super Mario Brothers 2. Try putting a lot of coins in the lottery to get it. Or Finish adventure mode with five characters.

  • Fourside stage

    Play 50 multi-player matches. Either the Brinstar Depths, Fourside, Poke Floats, and Big Blue will be randomly unlocked every 50 matches. Play another 50 matches to unlock the next stage until all are unlocked. Or play 100 multi-player matches.

  • Battlefield trophy

    Finish all-star single player mode.

  • Brinstar Depths stage

    Play 50 multi-player matches. Either the Brinstar Depths, Fourside, Poke Floats, and Big Blue will be randomly unlocked every 50 matches. Play another 50 matches to unlock the next stage until all are unlocked. Or play 50 multi-player matches.

  • Paper Mario trophy

    Hit over 1476 feet in homerun derby mode.

  • Flatzone stage

    Finish the game as Mr. Game & Watch in classic or all-star mode without losing a life.

  • Diskun trophy

    Get all end-of-level bonuses and penalties.

  • Unlock Dr. Mario

    Finish the game in classic mode as Mario.

  • Dream Land stage

    Finish the game in Break The Targets mode with all fighters.

  • Unlock Falco Lombardi

    Finish the 100 man melee.

  • Mewtwo

    Mewtwo will appear at random at the end of a multi-player match and challenge the winner. He will be unlocked as a selectable character after he is defeated. Or in versus mode, play 700 battles or get a total of 20 hours of game play.

  • Unlock Luigi

    Finish the first stage of adventure mode with a time of 3:32:99 to 3:32:00. You will have to battle Luigi and defeat him in under one minute. Finish the remainder of adventure mode. At the end of adventure mode you will fight Luigi. Defeat Luigi and he will become a playable character.

  • Unlock Prince Marth

    Play with all 14 default characters in classic mode without continuing. Or play vs. mode more than 400 times.

  • Unlock Mr. Game & Watch

    Another way to get Mr. Game & Watch is to beat classic with all the characters.

  • Unlock Mr. Game & Watch

    Finish the target test mode with all of the other 24 characters.

  • Unlock Pichu

    Do one of the following: Unlock both Luigi and Falco to unlock event mode #37 (Legendary Pokemon). Finish event mode #37. After winning, Pichu will become playable. Finish adventure mode as Mewtwo. Play 200 matches in versus mode.

  • How to get Toad

    You may think that you can't get Toad but you can. Here is how. Beat Classic mode with any character and any mode. Then at the credits hit all the targets. After that go to adventure mode and select any character again you can select any mode. Beat the game in adventure after doing the first steps and after that it will say new challenger...

  • Unlock Roy

    Finish the game as Prince Marth in classic mode.

  • Get Marth

    Play Vs. mode with all 14 default characters {you dont have to win}. It has been reported you need to beat the game with all default characaters.

  • Unlock Gannondorf

    Finish event mode Triforce Gathering (29) to unlock Ganondorf.

  • Fight giga bowser

    To fight giga bowser complete adventure on medium+ with 3 lives and no continues to fight him.

  • Big Blue stage

    Play 50 multi-player matches. Either the Brinstar Depths, Fourside, Poke Floats, and Big Blue will be randomly unlocked every 50 matches. Play another 50 matches to unlock the next stage until all are unlocked. Or play 150 multi-player matches.

  • Kongo Jungle stage

    Finish the game in 15 Minute Spar mode. The easiest way to unlock the Kongo Jungle stage is to choose a 15 Minute Spar in stadium on one player mode. Play as Donkey Kong and stand on the bottom panel of the stage in the middle. Do the Hand Slap (Down + B) and hold it for the entire 15 minutes.

  • Bunny Hood trophy

    Perform over 125 combos with all characters combined in training mode.

  • Poke Floats stage

    Play 50 multi-player matches. Either the Brinstar Depths, Fourside, Poke Floats, and Big Blue will be randomly unlocked every 50 matches. Play another 50 matches to unlock the next stage until all are unlocked. Or play 200 multi-player matches.

  • Donkey Kong Junior trophy

    Play in any single player mode with all twenty-five characters.

  • Unlock Jigglypuff (Purin)

    Finish the game with any character under any difficulty setting. Continues are allowed.

  • Unlock Young Link

    Finish classic mode 10 times with different characters each time. One time must be with Link.

  • Yoshi's Island stage

    Yoshi's Island stage: Hit over 1314 feet in homerun derby mode with any character. When this stage is unlocked, Yoshi's shield will be a Yoshi egg.

  • Falco

    Win 100 man melee to unlock Falco.

  • Marth

    Beat classic mode with young link without continuing.

  • Trophies

    The trophies (290 in all) you win in adventure mode are different then the ones won in classic mode. The ones in classic mode give you tips about the character(s) who have won adventure mode.

  • How to get sandbag trophy

    First choose fox at home run contest, then when dude says go pick up bat & go right next to sandbag and start blasting ( B button )really fast until that guy says one and then swing w/ full power (-> A-hold) and it should get up to 1000 ft!

  • Long homers 1

    To Reach A Distance of at least 200 ft. in the Home Run Derby, use DK, and pick up(z) and hold it and run off of the platform, and run until the announcer says 1. press A, and you should get 200 ft. as your distance.

  • Long homers 3

    First unlock Roy. Pick Roy for the home-run contest. Beat up the bag first to about 35% percent damage (the bag must be on the edge of the platform) Then when you have all this, use roy's charged attack (hold down B to charge) then release b before the time runs out to send the bag flying.

  • Extra lifes after you died

    The code only works is if your in 3 player or 4 player battles. The code won't work if you do 3 against 1 in team battle or 4 against 1 or 2 against 1 or 1 on 1 in team battle. When you die in battle immediatly start pressing the start until you come back with one life left and when you die again repeat the process. This will code wiil wear off ...

  • Long homers 2

    How to get at least 1400 feet in Home Run Derby: With fox star hitting the sandbag until the announcer says 4, the smash it above you and when it´s falling (before it touches the ground) hit it with a smash in the air. This should net you at least 1400 ft.

  • 100 man Melee

    When doing 100 man melee the easiest way to beat it is to select donkey kong as your character and use his "smash attack" mostly known as holding down the control stick and rapidly pressing b.

  • Easy Pichu kills

    To use Pichu's 1 shot death move you must press B when the battle starts and then press A and sideways on the control stick next to your enemy, do this again to charge up the attack and kill your enemy!

  • Long homers 4

    The easiest way to hit a homerun in homerun derby that is over 1400 is to use Yoshi. Pick up the bat and perform down (control stick) A on the bag over and over until one second left and use the bat. (Down A SHOULD have Yoshi jump over the bag and start kicking very rapidly downwards. This does around 25-30 damage each time and you can do it...

  • Long homers 6

    Many think C. Falcon is horrible at the home run contest. That's only cause they aren't doing it the right way. Here's how its done... Grab the bat and hit the sandbag with the first home-run smash (the one that thrusts it into the enemy) then let go of the buttons before the second smash is done. It does a lot of damage and can be done several...

  • Long homers 5

    There are 2 characters that really get far in Home-Run Contest. They are DK and Yoshi. With DK, first use your head slam to make the sand bag stuck into the ground. right away, hand slap the ground until the bag pops up. repeat until the announcer says 1. then, turn around with the bat and swing back and BAM! a home-run( the home-runs are...

  • Wave dashing

    Technically this is a glitch found during beta testing, but the developers found it likeable and felt it could add strategy to the game so it was left in With ANY character, you jump and immediately use an aerial evade diagonally towards the ground, if done properly, you will see your character kick up dust and slide across the ground...

  • Flying your enemy

    Press Z, Up, Up, B and your enemy will go flying.

  • Easy Win

    This easy win works on any character. Set the damage option to 2.0. You have to use Roy and use the B+Up move for a super easy win.