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  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Genre:Action, Adventure
  • Developer: Rare
  • Release Date:Sep 23, 2002
  • # of Players:1 player
  • ESRB:T - Teen (Titles rated "Teen (T)" may be suitable for ages 13 and older, and may contain violent content, mild, or strong language, and/or suggestive themes.)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:The dashing Fox McCloud comes to the GameCube at last. In Starfox Adventures, McCloud leaves his Arwing to explore a strange new world filled with dinosaurs. Unfortunately, the planet is ruled with an iron fist by the evil General Scales, so Fox will have to take to the skies once again to fight for the innocent. This game combines 3D platform action with the aerial combat Starfox fans have come to love. You and your Arwing fighter will travel through water, air, and space in your quest for freedom.
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Star Fox Adventures Cheats

  • Attack combos:

    Press and hold Down + A and when your staff starts to light up, press and hold A to get a strong attack combo.

    Code: Press and hold Down + A, Analog-stick Up, Analog-stick Down, Analog-stick Left, or Analog-stick Right

  • Avoid damage from short falls:

    Press X just before you hit the ground to roll and avoid damage.

    Code: X

  • Avoid damage:

    This trick can be done at any time or area, except in Arwing mode. When you are walking, hold L. Fox will kneel and a blue "shield" should envelope him. You can hold it as long as desired, and nothing can hurt you.

    Code: Hold L

  • Staff combo:

    When fighting a Sharp Claw hold Control-stick Down and press A.

    Code: Hold Control-stick Down and press A

  • Alternate Tricky colors

    At the store in the Thorntail Hollow, buy a rubber ball and play fetch with Tricky. If you play with him for awhile (usually a day and half), he will change colors, and will keep changing colors if you keep playing with him.

  • Free bomb spores

    Find a full grown Bomb Spore shoot it with the staff's fire power-up to get three Bomb Spore Seeds.

  • Gold bars for the Hightop

    The first gold bar is in the northeast corner of the beach. Tricky digs it up. For the second gold bar, swim across the western beach and have Tricky dig it up. For the third gold bar, have Tricky burn up a patch of briars. You have to defeat two larger types of Sharp Claws. Tricky will then have to dig it up. The fourth gold bar is buried...

  • Sharp Claw disguise

    Wear the Sharp Claw disguise to avoid fights. However, you cannot hold your staff while wearing it.

  • Sleeping tricky

    Allow the game to idle and Tricky will eventually fall asleep.

  • Tricky spits fire

    When you have Tricky and he has learned the fire ability, repeatedly hit him. He will get mad and blow fire at you.

  • Beacons

    When you have to set alight the beacons, go to the Fire Weed tree and get some Fire Weed. One beacon is above the river in Thorntail Hollow. The second is near the Warp Stone. The third on the way to Light Foot Village, just as you leave Thorntail Hollow.

  • Tricky on fire

    If you go near a fire with Tricky, he will catch on fire.

  • Bafomdad

    When you man the cannon in cape claw to get the ocean forcepoint temple open, aim for a tall rock on the beach. After you hit it, you will get a bafomdad and you will be able to upgrade your staff's magic meter.

  • Curtin wall

    In the Thorntail shop, go to the game room but do not enter it, instead (assuming you are facing the curtain to the game room) turn around and go straight into the wall. There will be a rock you can lift for a few red scarabs (A Glitch to the room is when you turn around and exit the room with the rock, you see no curtain or wall).

  • Krazoa test number 5 (The test of knowledge)

    When doing this test, you have to match up items you found in the game and where you found them. Put the Totem piece in front of the Lightfoot Village. Put the Dinosaur horn in front of the Snowhorn Wastes. Put the Cloudrunner horn in front of the Cloudrunner Fortress. Put the Meteor in front of the space image. Put the Moonseed in front of...

  • Pterodactyl

    If you get the cloudrunner horn you can basically call to any pterodactyl (long version of a cloudrunner). It can come in great use.

  • Small scarab bag

    After you rescue Tricky, go to where the SnowHorn is located. Look around until Tricky can dig. After he digs, you will get the SnowHorn's food. Feed the hungry SnowHorn and he will give you the Small Scarab Bag, which holds 50 Scarabs.

  • Fighting Andross

    When you fight andross falco will help by dropping bombs in the debris.

  • Using cheat mode

    In the shop and several other places around Dinosaur Plant are wells that ask you to feed them Scarabs. Feed them twenty Scarabs and you will get a Cheat Token. Go to the Warp Stone Guardian (the large stone guardian) and enter the maze. It will take some wandering before you find a well inside. Open your inventory, highlight a Cheat Token, then...

  • Easier battles with Tricky

    Attack someone with Tricky nearby. When you are fighting someone, tell him to use his flame. He will attack the opponent and do a lot of damage to him.

  • Get every map for cheaper

    Go to the store and purchase each map. He will tell you how much they are, but sometimes you can lower the price and get them for less along with the rest of the items he sells.