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Game Description:Charms and spooks await you in Luigi's Mansion. With a clever and endearing combination of horror house fun, ghost hunting, and classic Nintendo design, Luigi's Mansion is simultaneously creepy and hilarious. Starring as Luigi, you must save your older brother Mario from your haunted mansion, stunning ghosts with a light beam and sucking them up with your vacuum cleaner. Luigi's comic reactions lighten the darkness as you encounter ghosts hiding in shadows, mirrors, and behind old furniture. From the basement to the extensive grounds to the roof, Luigi must scour the mansion. An infectious charmer fit for children and adults.
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Luigi's Mansion Cheats

  • In-game reset:

    Enter code while playing the game.

    Code: Press and hold B + X press Start

  • Mario calls:

    When you press A, Luigi will call "Mario!". The more damage Luigi has taken, the more desperate his call for Mario will be.

    Code: A

  • Move map:

    Press A on the map screen to zoom in. Then, use the C-stick to scroll around the floor that you are on.

    Code: A , C-Stick

  • Throwing Element balls:

    First, get an Element. Start to shoot the Element, and when you see the Element to start to flow out of your Poltergust 3000, press L again. An Element ball should shoot out of it. To see an Element ball approach you, go to the first floor corridor where the door on the left is the Dining Room and the door on the right is the Ballroom. Have...

    Code: L

  • Warp from the well to the main entrance:

    Go to the well where you can see Mario In the picture. Look directly ahead with your Gameboy Horror, and press the A button. You will be teleported to the main entrance (the mansion door).

    Code: A

  • Warp mirrors:

    Any mirror in the mansion (except for the large one that reflects the invisible ghosts) can be used to warp back to the entrance hall. Set the Game Boy Horror to first person mode and press A to examine the mirror. This allows you to save the game conveniently. In the first room of the mansion there is a mirror under a cloth. Vacuum the cloth...

    Code: A

  • Big heart location Basement cellar

    The shelves in the center of the cellar hold a big heart. Pull it out with your vacuum.

  • Blue Ghost locations 3

    Breaker room under table at left

  • Blue Ghost locations 6

    Kitchen in oven at left

  • Big heart location Second floor nursery

    The design of the heart-shaped dresser is a clue. Open the drawer to find a 50-point heart.

  • Blue Ghost locations 1

    Wardrobe room in chest on right

  • Blue Ghost locations 11

    Sealed room in chest at far right

  • Blue Ghost locations 4

    Storage room in chair at right

  • Blue Ghost locations 9

    Billiards room under far right table

  • Blue Ghost locations 2

    Study in chair behind desk

  • Blue Ghost locations 7

    Recreation room in machine at bottom right

  • Blue Ghost locations 8

    Nana's room under far right chair

  • Gallery mode

    After finishing the game you will unlock everything in the gallery.

  • A rank

    To obtain an "A" rank, get all the gold mice, catch all the blue ghosts, get both gold diamonds, and collect as much money as possible. You need $100,000,000 to get an "A".

  • Big heart location First floor graveyard

    When you interact with the leftmost gravestone as well as others, you will collect a big heart.

  • Blue Ghost locations 5

    Dining room in closet at left

  • Mario item location Mario's Shoe

    The Twins' Room

  • Mario item location Mario's Star


  • Gold mice location Safari Room

    Sealed Room

  • Gold mice location Madame Clairvoya

    Main Hall on second Floor

  • Gold mice location With Cheese


  • Change vacuum power

    There are three different medals you can collect to change the powers of the Poltergust 3000 vacuum cleaner. They are the Fire, Ice, and Water medals. When you collect the Fire Medal, you can suck up ghosts that have a ring of fire around the health hearts. Also, you can press L to spray fire from your vacuum to light candles and hit ghosts with...

  • Unlock the Tent

    To unlock the tent, complete the game with less than 5,000,000g. A hint to doing so is to collect nothing but king boo's crown.

  • Hidden mansion

    Finish the game and save. Go to the lab. Professor E. Gadds will ask where you want to go. Select the hidden mansion to play the game again with various differences. You can get a different sized house at the end of the game, depending on your rank.

  • Mario item location Mario's Glove

    Projection Room

  • Gold mice location Dining Room


  • Gold mice location The Study

    Main Hall on first floor

  • Big heart location Third floor safari room

    Your first destination on the third floor is a difficult room. Its big heart is in a chest on a corner table.

  • Blue Ghost locations 10

    Cellar in boxes at left of door

  • Mario item location Mario's Letter


  • Mario item location Mario's cap

    Laundry Room

  • Gold mice location Tea Room

    Tea Room

  • Item value Gold Coin

    5,000 G

  • Item value Medium Pearl

    100,000 G

  • Portrait list of ghosts 15. Henry And Orville

    The twin brothers

  • Portrait list of ghosts 17. Uncle Grimmly

    Hermit of the darkness

  • Portrait list of ghosts 3. Chauncey

    The spoiled baby

  • Second chance with cheese

    If you turned on the lights in a room where there is a piece of cheese, and you did not spot it with the Game Boy Horror while it was dark, you will not be able to catch a gold mouse. When the lights go out on the balcony, take your time to go through the rooms where you missed the cheese. Since the lights went out, you can use your Game Boy...

  • Gold diamonds

    First gold diamond: Given to you when you catch Boo number 50. Second gold diamond: After you fight the dog outside the mansion, water the seed under the balcony. It will sprout. Return after going to the next area, water it again, and it will grow again. Return again after beating the Giant Boo on the balcony, and water it again. It will spit...

  • Item value Big Pearl

    1,000,000 G

  • Item value Emerald (green stone)

    800,000 G

  • Item value Gold Bar

    100,000 G

  • Item value Large Ruby (King Boo's Crown)

    5,000 G

  • Item value Small Ruby (red stone)

    1,000,000 G

  • Portrait list of ghosts 13. Nana

    The scarf knitting granny

  • Portrait list of ghosts 18. Clockwork Soldiers

    The toy platoon

  • Portrait list of ghosts Beautiful Pianist

    The beautiful pianist

  • Bigger hearts

    Collect as much money and pearls as possible. The more you collect, the bigger the hearts will get. They can almost restore as much health as the large hearts do.

  • Portrait list of ghosts 14. Slim Bankshot

    The lonely pool shark

  • Portrait list of ghosts 21. Sir Weston

    The chilly climber

  • Portrait list of ghosts 5. Shivers

    The wandering butler

  • Portrait list of ghosts 8. Mr. Luggs

    The glutton

  • Portrait list of ghosts Hungry Guard Dog

    The hungry guard dog

  • Secret altar

    You can view the secret altar by going down in the bottom of the well and looking into it. Access all the rooms in the house to finally obtain the key to the secret altar. Once you have the key, the door with the thorns in the basement level will open. You will see the Boo King looking at the Mario painting. Before you get too close, vacuum up...

  • Item value Diamond

    2,000,000 G

  • Item value Sapphire (blue stone)

    500,000 G

  • Portrait list of ghosts 1. Neville

    The bookish father

  • Portrait list of ghosts 11. Biff Atlas

    The body builder

  • Portrait list of ghosts 16. Boolossus

    Jumbo ghost

  • Twin's room

    In the Twin's room there is also a blue ghost. It only gives out coins, bills, and two gold bars.

  • Capturing Boos

    To capture a Boo easier, all you need is an Ice element. When you use an Ice element on a Boo, it will momentarily hesitate to move. This gives you a chance to use your Poltergust 3000 on them.

  • Hidden Boo picture

    Although you cannot pull off the projection room screen, you can make it change. Give it a tug with the Poltergust 3000. If you are persistent, you will reveal a huge picture of a Boo. There is another hidden Boo picture in the first floor bathroom. Vacuum at the poster with the word "Monster" on it. A picture of a Boo will appear.

  • Item value Small Pearl

    50,000 G

  • Portrait list of ghosts 10. Bogmire

    The cemetery shadow

  • Portrait list of ghosts 20. Jarvis

    The jar collector

  • Portrait list of ghosts 22. Vincent Van Gore

    The starving artist

  • Portrait list of ghosts 7. Madame Clairvoya

    The freaky fortune teller

  • Finding Henry and Orville

    After the twins tell you to hide and you reenter, vacuum the boxes. If the box shakes, open it.

  • Portrait list of ghosts 2. Lydia

    The mirror gazing mother

  • Rubies

    There are two large rubies in the game. One is the King Boo's Crown and the other is hidden in a plant on the Boolosus Balcony. On Area 2, after you defeat Spooky, walk near the entrance of the dog house and press X. Press A while aiming at the door to go to the graveyard. To your right will be a rain drain. Walk to it and press A to get a ruby.

  • Boos types

    There are four types of Boos: white, blue, red, and black with a yellow outline.

  • Hidden room

    First go to the butlers room and go over to the toilet paper and at that time you will see a mouse hole get your game boy horror out and take a picture of it then you should exit out and walk tourd the mouse at that time fog should be coming out of the mouse hole.

  • Item value Topaz (Gold Diamond)

    20,000,000 G

  • Pokemon painting

    On level two, when you catch five Boos go to the bathroom where you get key out of the toilet to find a painting of a Pokemon.

  • Portrait list of ghosts 12. Miss Petunia

    The bathing beauty

  • Portrait list of ghosts 19. Sue Pea

    The dozing girl

  • Portrait list of ghosts 4. The Floating Whirlindas

    The dancing couple

  • Extra hearts and money

    Use your vacuum to clean all lamps, chandeliers, and vases. Most of them will contain either hearts (life) and money.

  • Get rid of fake doors

    Use the Flamethrower element on the annoying fake doors and they will melt and disappear. REMEMBER: They will return after you enter another door.

  • Item value Bill

    20,000 G

  • The Munsters poster

    Enter the twin's room. After you get the twins and the Boo inside their room, you can see a poster of the television show, "The Munsters" next to the bunk bed.

  • Treadmill key

    In the weight room is a treadmill. Run on it to get the key to the hall door just to the left of the room. With the hall door unlocked, you will not have to run around the back side of the house to get to the stairs that lead to the second floor.

  • Second Hidden Room

    Go to the roof and capture all the shy guy ghost and ice ghost. Then, go right and you will see a chimbney with a ladder. Climb up the ladder and go straight and you'll fall through a hole. When you hit the ground you'll find the second hidden room. Also, if you go to the second floor you'll see a door down the hallway which is hammered up with...