Mucha Lucha! Mascaritas of the Lost Code Cheats - GBA

  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Genre:Fighting
  • Developer:
  • Release Date:Dec 10, 2003
  • # of Players:1 player
  • ESRB:E - Everyone (Everyone)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:The quirky animated TV comedy from the WB, Mucha Lucha, comes to the Game Boy Advance with Mascaritas of the Lost Code. Inspired by Mexican professional wrestling, the Mascaritas (little masked ones) world is filled with awesome fighting moves, endearing character designs and a hilarious story. Play as Rikochet, Buena Girl and the Flea, each with up to 15 of their own unique moves. Adventure through 12 levels including The Lucha School, Backpack Valley, Wrestle- tainment and Gerbil Jorge's Masked World of Lucha Fun! Take on bosses from the TV show, including Potato Potata Jr., El Dolor de Kurtz and Cindy Slam. Nothing will stand between you and recovering the Code of Masked Wrestling!
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Mucha Lucha! Mascaritas of the Lost Code Cheats

  • Mega attack

    Before you can use this attack, you must have your blue meter at full. Then, press A + B to use your mega attack.

  • The Flea

    Beat the fourth and final Boss.

  • Buena Girl

    Beat the second boss

  • Second attack

    Beat the first boss (Potato Patoto Jr.) to get your character's second and final move.