Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Cheats - GBA

  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Genre:Action, Adventure
  • Developer:
  • Release Date:Dec 2, 2002
  • # of Players:1 player
  • ESRB:E - Everyone (Everyone)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:This special cartridge features two Zelda games in one. First, you get A Link to the Past, a perfect conversion of the 1993 SNES Classic by the same name. In this one-player adventure, Link heads to the overworld to rescue Zelda and save Hyrule from the sinister sorcerer Agahnim, interacting with strange creatures, battling enemies and fighting his way through complex and dangerous dungeons. You also get Four Swords, a cooperative and competitive four-player game. In this brand new quest, four players must work together to defeat dungeons while trying to collect as many Rupees as possible. Completing tasks in each game unlocks special features in the other!
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Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Cheats

  • Free life and magic medicine

    By using net to catch a small fairy and keep it in a bottle. If you go the Waterfall Of Wishing and throw in an empty bottle. This trick can be repeated.

  • Riddle quest

    Get ten medals in the Four Swords multi-player mode. Now start a riddle quest with the Lumberjack in Link To The Past. Finish the Riddle quest to obtain the Hurricane Blade special move.

  • Bug catching net

    The bug catching net can be used as an alternative to reflect magic back at Agahnim.

  • Magic container

    By freezing an enemy with the Ice Rod then hit it with the Magic Hammer. You will most likely get a magic container.

  • Slicing signs

    Walk up to any sign and swing your sword at it. It should get cut in half and disappear.

  • Extra lives in dungeons

    By using magic powder on the white-and-red flying skulls to transform them into fairies.

  • How to get Silver Arrows

    By throwing your bow in the pool where the Golden Sword was obtained to get Silver Arrows.

  • Super bomb

    Finish the Ice Palace followed by the Misery Mire Maze. If you go your house in the Dark World and buy the orange and white bomb.

  • Extra energy

    If you hit an enemy with the Ice Rod and kill him with any weapon you will get energy.

  • Fairy from pot

    By sprinkling Magic Powder on some skull-shaped pots in some of the Dark World dungeons to get a Fairy.

  • Potion from Fairy

    If you go the waterfall where the magic boomerang is obtained. Throw in an empty bottle. Tell the Fairy that you dropped in the bottle. She will reward your honesty with a free magic potion.

  • More money

    If you go the village and enter the house with the patrolling young lady. Go up to the painting on the back wall and pull on it. Hold on until coins appear.

  • More money

    If you go Turtle Rock in the Dark World. Pull on the right paw and wait for coins.

  • How to beat Zombies

    You can kill zombies without using the shotgun, just use your fists. It takes practice, but it saves ammunition and is easier when used to take out groups of enemies.

  • Ice Rod

    To get the ice rod go to a cave in the southeast part of the map. You'll see a crack in the wall. Bomb the crack to get the ice rod.

  • Magic Powder

    Go to the Lost Forest and get a mushroom, then take it to the old witch and she'll make it into magic powder for you.

  • Magic Cape

    Get level 3 lift power and you can go to light world to the graveyard and pick up two rocks and hit the gravestone. Go under the grave stone and you'll find the magic cape.

  • Old Lady to Fairy

    Use the magic powder to turn the old lady into a fairy.