Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse Cheats - GBA

Game Description:It's high adventure on the high seas! Very loosely based on the theme-park ride and the Hollywood 2003 blockbuster starring Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom, Pirates of the Caribbean combines a compelling story-driven RPG adventure with stunning battleship warfare. Set in the exciting world of the 17th century, you will explore the Caribbean archipelago, sailing the seas and managing your crew, fighting in epic sea battles, bombarding forts, visiting and sieging colonial port-towns, and hacking through tropical island jungles in search of treasure. You'll play the young pirate Jack, seeking fame and gold as you hope to raid and plunder Captain Barbossa's hoard.
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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse Cheats

  • How to beat Captain Barbossa

    He has a health meter. Only use strong attacks at the correct moment. When he is approaching you, wait until he is close enough, then strike. If he is raising his sword when you press the button, you will damage him. He takes about six to eight hits of concentrated strong attacks.