Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Cheats - GBA

  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Genre:RPG
  • Developer:
  • Release Date:Dec 7, 2004
  • # of Players:1 player
  • ESRB:E - Everyone (Everyone)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories is the link between the first Kingdom Hearts and its much-anticipated sequel. After the events of the first Kingdom Hearts, our heroes are on their way home. But along the way they encounter a mysterious man who sends them to a mysterious castle that awaits Sora and his friends. Bringing detailed cinematic cut-scenes and a card-based battle system to the Game Boy Advance, Square Enix and Disney team up again for another fantastic adventure!
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Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Cheats

  • Reverse Rebirth mode

    Finish the game with Sora the first time through. After that, when you load a new game you will get an option for Reverse Rebirth mode, where you will control Riku.

  • Combining cards

    To combine cards, press the L + R. The maximum you can combine is three. When three cards are combined, press L + R again to activate the cards.

  • Mushu summon card

    Use the Golden Bar card to open a door. The Mushu summon card will randomly appear behind one of the doors.

  • Link mode

    Finish the game with Sora the first time through.

  • Dumbo summon card

    Finish the Monstro" level.

  • Cloud summon card

    Defeat Hades.

  • Captain Hook Card

    Beat Captain Hook

  • Dragon Maleficient Boss Card

    Beat Hollow Bastion (Level 1)

  • Fire Raid

    Use Calm Bounty in Halloween Town

  • Gravity

    Use Calm Bounty in Agrabah

  • Lionheart

    In Traverse Town use the key to rewards.

  • Secrets

    Faster Unlimited Heartless Battles Without Map Cards. If you do not wish to(or cannot) use False Bounty, then try this. Warp to the entrance room of a world from a different floor, and there will be Heartless there. Defeat them, then warp to a different floor. You may repeat this as many times as desired without using a single Map Card.

  • Darkside Card

    Beat Darkside

  • Dragon Maleficent Card

    Beat Maleficent

  • Elixer card

    In 100 hundred acre wood lead pooh in to the hole with tracks leading into it.

  • Skip pre-boss fight conversations

    If you've lost to a boss fight and get tired of listening to the conversations that take place before the fight press start and hold it down for a few seconds and the battle will begin. This becomes very helpful in tough boss fights where you are constantly restarting over and over

  • Ansem Card in Sora's Story

    Beat Reverse Rebirth and find it in a chest in Castle Oblivion

  • Bambi Summon Card

    Lead Pooh to the end of 100 Acre Wood

  • Premium All Your Cards Fast (or semi-fast)

    Similar to the Moogle Points trick, you'll walk between two rooms over and over, and this trick depends a lot on luck. The requirements are that one of the rooms is a Premium Room, and that that room has to have a BARREL in it. So, once you've cleared the room of enemies, just leave and come back. The barrel will respawn each time, and whenever...

  • Simba Summon Card

    Meet Leon for the first time

  • Tinkerbell Summon Card

    Defeat Captain Hook

  • Trickmaster Boss Card

    Beat Wonderland (Level 6,7,8,or 9)

  • Genie Jafar Boss Card

    Beat Agrabah (Level 2,3,4,or 5)

  • Hades Boss Card

    Beat Olympus Colloseum (Level 6,7,8,or 9)

  • Heartless battles without Map Cards.

    In order to have unlimited battles with Heartless without wasting your Map Cards simply save your game. Then use a False Bounty and open the 2 chests that contain Heartless but always leave the one with the treasure close. Once you've fought the 2 Heartless chests, get out of the room and re-enter, both Heartless chests will be close again for...

  • Lexaeus Card in Sora's Story

    Beat Reverse Rebirth and find it in a chest in Castle Oblivion

  • Mega-Elixir Item Card

    Open the Key to Rewards Door in Destiny Islands (requires 33 points of each type of card and a Key to Rewards card)

  • Thunder Raid Skill

    Open Key of Rewards Door in Neverland

  • Unlimited Moogle Points

    For this secret open two connecting rooms, and wipe out all the enemies inside. The places were moogle points are regenerate after you leave a room and return, but the enemies don't. Just go back and forth in those two rooms to get all the moogle points you want. I find that you get about 2000 in about 5 minutes or so, depending upon how lucky...

  • Blazing Donald Skill

    Open Key of Rewards Door in Agrabah

  • Gifted Miracle

    Use Calm Bounty in Halloween Town

  • Gravity Raid Skill

    Open Key of Rewards Door in Halloween Town

  • One-Winged Angel

    Same as Dinamond Dust.Except I found this one in a Moogle Shop.(I think you have a better chance on the 500 Moogle Points attack card set)

  • Alternate Title Screen

    Beat Sora's Story

  • Blizzrad Raid

    Use Calm Bounty in Olympus Colleseum

  • Diamond Dust

    Beat the game with Sora once.Then load your game and use a Calm Bounty in Castle Oblivion.(You do not have to beat Reverse/Rebirth)

  • Guard Armor Boss Card

    Beat Traverse Town (Level 2,3,4,or 5)

  • Jafar Card

    Beat Jafar

  • Oogie Boogie Boss Card

    Beat Halloween Town (Level 6,7,8,or 9)

  • Riku Card

    Beat Riku IV

  • Stop Spell

    Use Calm Bounty in Wonderland

  • Ultima Weapon

    Beat Reverse Rebirth mode to unlock Ultma Weapons for Sora. (You can buy them in Moogle Shops)

  • Water Splash Skill

    Open Key of Rewards Door in Monstro

  • Darkside Boss Card

    Beat Twilight Town (Level 10)

  • Hades Card

    Beat Hades

  • Homing Blizzara Skill

    Use Calm Bounty in Atlantica

  • Shock Impact Skill

    Use Calm Bounty in Atlantica

  • Ursula Boss Card

    Beat Atlantica (Level 6,7,8,or 9)

  • Ursula Card

    Beat Ursula

  • Captain Hook Boss Card

    Beat Neverland (Level 2,3,4,or 5)

  • Firaga Break

    Use Calm Bounty in Twilight Town

  • Genie Summon Card

    Defeat Jafar

  • Metal Chocobo

    In Collisieum use key to rewards.

  • Parasite Cage Boss Card

    Beat Monstro (Level 2,3,4,or 5)

  • Stop Raid Skill

    Open Key of Rewards Door in WonderLand

  • Fight Vexen Multiple Times

    As soon as you hit The 100 Acre Woods, ignore all the tasks and Pooh and head towards the end. There will be a short cutscene, after that it'll ask you to Save your game. Select NO, and continue on to a boss fight again Vexen. After the battle, you'll find yourself back in The 100 Acre Woods. Complete one task, and head to the end again. You'll...