Mega Man Battle Network Cheats - GBA

  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Genre:Action, Adventure
  • Developer:
  • Release Date:Nov 1, 2001
  • # of Players:1 player
  • ESRB:E - Everyone (Everyone)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:In this colorful, real-time role-playing adventure, you'll play as Lan and Mega Man.exe. Lan is a young hacker who must prevent an evil group from contaminating the pervasive "Net." Lan teams up with Mega Man.exe, his good friend and all-around virus buster to save the day. With the robust battle chip system you'll collect 170+ chips that you can use to get weapons, valuable data, and upgrade Mega Man.exe.
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Mega Man Battle Network Cheats

  • Muramasa

    Place at the least three Navi chips, five Cannons, and twelve of your choice and you should get that chip.

  • Obtain rare or new chips

    When you get to the Higsby guy from the school incident has a business as a chip salesman (in front of the gates of the school), go inside and save your game next to the chip trading machines (the ones that resemble candy or mini-toy dispensers in real stores). You can now freely trade 3 or 10 chips for another one, depending on which machine...

  • Obtain Navi chips

    Beat Skullman, Elecman, Woodman, Sharkman, Protoman, Fireman, Numberman, Gutsman, Iceman and Colorman over busting level 5 to receive their own battle chip with one of their most powerful attacks.

  • Encountering Bass

    To encounter Bass from the classic Mega Man games, get 174 battle chips in your library. This is all the chips except for the one he drops, which is the Life Aura. Then, go to Internet area 16 where the two men are standing almost parallel. Walk around (it may take a while) and sooner or later you will encounter Bass. Put all the Recover 300...

  • Mini-quest

    After you beat the Ice Man, go to the Waterworks. In the back of the room in the northwest corner is a man next to a soda machine. Talk to him and he will say that the machine is broken, and for you to jack in to fix it. Do what he says and talk to the purple robot in the middle to face three viruses. Defeat them and jack out. Talk to the man...

  • Z-Cannon 2

    This program mixes different chips and makes a stronger one. REMEMBER:) It will not harm the game.Hi Cannon GHJ or Hi Cannon HIJ

  • Zeta-Cannon 1

    This program mixes different chips and makes a stronger one. REMEMBER:) It will not harm the game.Cannon ABC or Cannon BCD

  • Better chance of encountering a Net Navi

    When you are on the Internet at Lans or someone else's computer looking for a Net Navi, fight the same enemies in the exact same locations on the 3 x 3 panel three times in a row. You should encounter a Navi in the next battle 70% percent of the time.

  • Program Advance

    This program mixes different chips and makes a stronger one. REMEMBER:) It will not harm the game.

  • How to Add chips to your folder

    Push A on any chip on your sack, then push Left and exchange the chip.

  • Advances

    Advances are when you pick a particular combo of chips. You can learn two of them by talking to the kid besides the Numberman sign in Higsby's Chip Shop and the little girl in Block 3 of Dentown, in front of the Print Shop. Advances can be three of the same chip in alphabetical order. This usually gives a "z ?????" which lets you use your chip...

  • Challenge Arena

    Obtain the first memo and at the end of the first WWW site, take a right before the next red W. Continue until you reach another access. Continue and talk to the person at an intersection. He should tell you some strange information, but you will see a door with a "?" on it. The next one will have a different challenge, and then another. Along...

  • Power Plant

    Once the subway starts working and you go into the second town, on the first block go up and turn left (do not cross any sections). There are various sections to stop (save after every battle). To get into the power plant finish the cross section and go to the park in your town. You will meet your dad who invites you to a party with mom. Once...

  • Z-Cannon 3

    This program mixes different chips and makes a stronger one. REMEMBER:) It will not harm the game.M-Cannon KLM or M-cannon LMN

  • Program Advance 2X Hero

    To get the Program Advance 2X Hero that does 400 damage use FighterSword B, KnightSword B, HeroSword B, and Protoman3 B in battle. Mega Man and Proto Man will be on a panel, charge their weapons, fire, and hit all enemy panels. Try using this on Bass.