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Driver 2 Advance
Game Description:Ports, who says they?re a bad thing? Infogrames and Sennari Interactive, for example, are porting over a very good game, Driver 2, to Game Boy Advance. Carrying the title Driver 2 Advance, Driver 2 faithfully re-creates the action and intensity of the original PlayStation version. Posing as an undercover cop, players must take on a variety of missions for crime lords in the hopes of capturing them. Driver 2 Advance will make use of Sennari?s proprietary X2 engine technology that allows for visual vehicular damage and various particle effects. The game will also feature gameplay modes such as Trailblazer, Checkpoint, Capture the Flag, and Survival when it ships during the 4th quarter.
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Driver 2 Advance News

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  • New Driver Teaser Trailer "Confirms" San Francisco Setting?

    Ubisoft hasn’t said much about the new Driver, the upcoming installment in the long-running Driver series, but that’s going to change next week during E3 when the game will receive its official unveiling. In the meantime, though, Ubisoft has gone and ahead and released a new teaser trailer for the game that not-so-subtly reveals...

    Posted June 7, 2010

    New Driver Teaser Trailer "Confirms" San Francisco Setting?