de Blob 2 Review

By Jeffrey Matulef - Posted Mar 02, 2011

De Blob 2 is a solid platformer with tight controls, charming presentation, and some neat gimmicks. It won't present much challenge to older players and is over too soon, but it's a polished title that would make a fine kid's game.

The Pros
  • Charming presentation
  • Smooth controls
  • Inventive level design
The Cons
  • Little challenge
  • Ends too soon
  • Objectives are repetitive

de Blob 2 DS Review: 

Usually when a 3D console games is released on a handheld it ends up being a watered down port with uglier graphics and hindered controls. Despite sharing the same box art and title as its console brethren, De Blob 2 on DS is a completely different game: a 2D platformer set in the De Blob universe. Developed by Halfbrick Studios (Raskulls) De Blob's first foray into the handheld market is a well made title that effectively captures the series' jovial feel on a miniature scale. It's often too simple for its own good and won't provide much challenge for older gamers, but it's a refined candy-colored adventure sure to delight younger players.

de Blob 2 DS

Day of De Blot

The story concerns the titular Blob captured by mad scientist, Dr. Von Blot. After a mishap, Von Blot is turned into a monster (resembling a cross between Disney Epic Mickey's Phantom Blot and Day of the Tentacle's Purple Tentacle) bent on ridding the world of color. Only Blob with his magical powers of paint can put an end to the madness and save the day. It's not a memorable story, but it is well told with silly humor and stylized animations between chapters. The gags and dialogue are amusing, if not laugh out loud funny and they only add to the game's playful tone.

The game plays like a traditional 2D platformer with a twist: Blob can smash into paintbots to change color, effecting the world around him. At face value this paints the background depending on his color, but it has more meaningful applications as well. Specific switches and enemies are marked a certain color and can only be activated or defeated if Blob is the corresponding color. Some platforms operate the same way, only becoming solid if Blob matches them. This often involves mixing primary colors to find the specific color needed. There's a few other neat additions as well like panels in the background allowing Blob to double jump in front of them or poles that Blob can fling himself off of like a slingshot. Combined with the ability to wall jump and responsive controls, Blob is a pleasure to control.

One of De Blob 2's chief joys is its presentation. The cartoony 3D graphics portrayed against a 2D plane are gorgeous and give it a clean, crisp style. There's plenty of neat details too, like how security cameras transform into disco balls when a paint-coated Blob touches them. The sound in particular is great, with jazzy notes playing whenever anything changes color (with different sounds attributed to different colors). Rejuvenating the gray world is gratifying in and of itself.

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Like Sunday Morning

While its core mechanics are satisfying, De Blob 2 has one crucial flaw: it's devoid of challenge. I only died once throughout the entire game and puzzles are too straightforward, seldom taking advantage of the system's color coded complexities. It's usually too obvious where to go and what to do, so adults are unlikely to find the mental sustenance they desire from a game of this type. Later levels present a glimpse at its potential, but before reaching it the game ends (after a scant five hours to complete 100%).

Additionally, there's too much repetition in its objectives. Frequently you'll be required to either paint specific areas a certain color, destroy all enemies, or restore equipment. There's a few exciting instances where you're tasked with a time limit, but these sequences are few and far between.

de Blob 2 DS

Taste the Rainbow

De Blob 2 feels like the start of a very good game. It looks great, plays well, and has a few neat ideas up its sleeve. It's just a shame it ends before it really starts cooking with them. While it's challenge may be nil and it may be a slight offering, what's there is a treat. De Blob 2 is like jelly beans: it comes in all colors, won't provide much nourishment, and you can't have it exclusively as a meal. But that doesn't mean it's not a tasty snack.