Kingdom Hearts: Re:coded Cheats - DS

Game Description:Kingdom Hearts Re:coded takes the exhilarating gameplay system the series is known for and adds some innovative new twists. Players can now dive into a new character growth system and enjoy an assortment of battle styles ranging from side-scrolling to shooting all in one gaming experience. Additionally, KINGDOM HEARTS Re:coded includes the Avatar Menu, which utilizes the Nintendo DS Tag Mode capabilities, allowing players to trade customizable avatar profiles and playable maps with their friends. Each floor map acquired adds to the player’s unique System Sector, which can be explored for items, experience points and even a friend’s avatar items!
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Kingdom Hearts: Re:coded Cheats

  • Unlock the Three Wishes keyblade

    Defeat all forms of Jafar

  • Unlock the Lady Luck keyblade

    Defeat the Trick Master

  • Unlock the Olympia keyblade

    Defeat Cerberus and Hades

  • Unlock the Wishing Star keyblade

    Defeat the Guard Armor

  • Unlock the Zero/One keyblade

    Defeat Sora's Heartless

  • Unlock the Oblivion keyblade

    Defeat Pete and Data Riku

  • Theater Mode

    Complete the game once

  • Secret Ending

    Collect 20 trophies or more and complete the game