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Game Description:In this imaginative sequel, players find their hand-drawn hero aboard the Turtle Ship, attempting to defeat the evil Wilfre, and along the way, bring color back to the Raposa civilization. Morph your character into a blob or a spider to find new and exciting ways to solve the game's numerous puzzles. Use the color-specific Action Drawing Tool to traverse levels and overcome obstacles. You can also trade heroes, weapons and accessories via the game's multiplayer mode.
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    Some video games allow us to live out our lofty aspirations of being artistes. You know, the kind who take photos of clouds and rings wedged in the spine of a book so it looks like a heart, then sells glossy prints of it as “photography?” Those artists. Well, maybe not just like that, because that isn't really art at all. It's just...

    Posted December 2, 2011

    Top Art Video Games: Get Creative With These Games
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