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Game Description:After cooking up a storm in the kitchen, Mama returns to show what she can do in the garden. The DS Stylus will be your one-stop gardening tool. Plant seeds and help them grow into a vibrant garden of flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Manage your garden through seeding, maturation, and blooming, then harvest what you've grown for fun results! Use your produce to make jams, jack-o-lanterns, and much more. Up to four friends can compete to see who can dig up the biggest harvest, and you can share items you've grown online with the Treasure Box.
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  • 'Gardening Mama' Dated

    I know you love playing Cooking Mama. You probably don't admit it to your friends, but you can tell the readership of G4TV.com. You're among friends here. We won't judge you for your love of playing with your "stylus" while pretending to cook up delicious meals. We like it too. Seriously. Maybe we could play together sometime? Just...

    Posted March 16, 2009| 5 Comments

    'Gardening Mama' Dated
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