Spyro: The Eternal Night Cheats - DS

Game Description:Spyro continues his legendary adventure, uncovering his immense power and stopping the release of an untold evil. Unleash an arsenal of devastating fury attacks. Take on epic bosses with all-new breath attacks and aerial melee moves. Bend time to your will with Dragon Time and dodge attacks, out-maneuver enemies, and solve time-based puzzles. Unlock the secrets behind the strange visions Spyro keeps having of the Ape King trying to resurrect his Dark Master in the Temple of Souls. And enjoy an unprecedented level of exploration as you use your powers not just to defeat your enemies, but also to save the world.
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Spyro: The Eternal Night Cheats

  • Killing the Earth Elemental Dragon

    When fighting the Earth Elemental Dragon wait for him to tail whip three times, then melee his butt. Do that until he dies, and be sure to double jump to avoid getting hit by the tail whip.