Spyro Shadow Legacy Cheats - DS

Game Description:The gameplay may be a little different than in previous Spyro editions, but the heroic purple dragon is still doing what he does best: Saving the day! Spyro Shadow Legacy adds role play-style combat and magic for the first time. The Dragon Realm has fallen under the control of an evil wizard, who's using the power of the Shadow Realm to ruin Spyro's home. Win victories over enemies to gain experience and level up Spyro's fighting skills and magic abilities. An increased focus on story brings highly developed characters rendered in rich 3D graphics. There's also a new character-building system and the ability to use martial arts in combat.
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Spyro Shadow Legacy Cheats

  • Easy experience

    Go to the regular world and cross the bridge to find Yetis. Keep going in and out of the level several times defeating the Yetis to level up.

  • Hidden Dragon Egg

    When you get a key, go into the hotel at Dragon Shores. Go up the stairs and unlock the first door you see. Go in and there will be a Dragon Egg on the shelf.