Sims 2: Castaway Cheats - DS

  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
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  • Release Date:Oct 23, 2007
  • # of Players:1 player
  • ESRB:E - Everyone (Animated Blood,Comic Mischief)
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Game Description:If you were stuck on an uninhabited island, how would you survive? Now's your chance to find out, as you create your own Sim. Watch as The Sims board a ship, only to have it sink and dump them on an island where you get to decide what to do. Will you attempt spear-fishing, or would you rather grow your food? Do you build a sand-buddy, an imaginary friend who keeps you sane, or will you make friends with the local chimps, turning them into useful little butlers? Do you stay on your island and turn it into paradise, or do you attempt to build a raft and escape your fate? These choices and more are yours for the making.
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Sims 2: Castaway Cheats

  • how to get water for doctor

    you need to pick up the glass bottle before you meet her. then there is a stream and you select the option fill bottle. then all you do is talk to her again and deliver items.

  • Low On Energy

    You can always borrow a bed (or hammock) from certain castaways-as long as they aren't already sleeping in them.

  • Remember To Go To The Beach Where Your Sim Washed Up Each Day.

    Remember To Go To The Beach Where Your Sim Washed Up Each Day because there is a box that has stuff in it that washed up ashore.

  • Castaways will not help you if you have a low social rating.

    Gifting,Talking, and placing decorative objects around them all help boost the social score.

  • More Rest

    Not getting enough rest when you sleep? Try improving your sim's shelter.

  • The island has much to offer

    so explore them as much as you can-and try to remeber where you found what!

  • Decorations

    Certain castaways like their lots decorated with specific objects. Try to find out what pleases each castaway the most.

  • Make a Boat

    First you need a hammer and a chisel. Once you have them go to the fallen tree and tap it then tap make. It takes 3 days to make the boat. Once its done tap on the arrow pointing at the boat. You will be sent to another island.

  • Helping Mrs.Weeder

    Mrs.Weeder gets annoyed if you don' t give her what she wants right away. For Example the bananas, so she doesn't get annoyed at you keep talking to her frequently and give her gifts for some reason she really likes the black bugs. The same goes with Chef Butcher ( the peppers)