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Game Description:The battle for Middle Earth is yours to win or lose in this game that puts you in the action-packed center of the Lord of the Rings saga. Fight on both sides of the struggle for the One Ring as you take up arms for the Fellowship or the evil forces of Sauron. Experience landmark LOTR battlefield locations and play as your favorite characters and creatures from J.R.R. Tolkein's fabled fantasy saga, including Oliphants, Cave-trolls, the Balrog, the Nazgul, and more. Switch between characters instantly to relive and reshape the battles as you want. Local multiplayer offers two-player co-op and four-person head-to-head. Go online for four-player co-op or 16-player head-to-head battles.
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Lord of the Rings: Conquest Videos

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X Play Weeknights @ 8pm
With Blair Herter & Morgan Webb