Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning Cheats - DS

Game Description:Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning takes you back to the birth of the powerful purple dragon, revealing the past of one of the most popular characters to hit game consoles. Lending celebrity voice talents include Elijah Wood as Spyro, David Spade as the feisty sidekick Sparx, and Gary Oldman as Spyro's mentor Ignitius. The action-packed saga comes crammed with abundant excitement, thanks to a new Combat and Upgrade System that brings a new variety of moves and attacks. Check the enemy damage meters as you mix breath attacks, melee attacks, and long-range fury. Fight bone-rattling battles against bosses, mow down swarms of oncoming enemies, and, for the first time in a Spyro game, experience flying levels. The action doesn't let up as Spyro fights to achieve his dragon destiny!
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Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning Cheats

  • Cynder character skin

    60 crystals

  • Tiny Spyro

    43 crystals

  • Disco palette

    45 crystals

  • Maximum Powers

    51 crystals

  • Puzzles 1 through 20

    20 crystals

  • Arcade mode

    Finish the game.

  • Infinite Breath

    54 crystals

  • Invincibility

    57 crystals

  • Permanent Zoom mode

    48 crystals

  • Puzzles 21 through 40

    40 crystals