X-Men Origins: Wolverine Cheats - DS

Game Description:Explore the history of one of your favorite X-Men heroes firsthand! Take control of the claws, the temper, and all the power of Wolverine as you fight your way through a revealing storyline. Use light and heavy attacks, grabs, and your powerful pounce move. Time your attacks just right and pull off satisfying finishing moves that cut your enemies to ribbons. Increase your power and number of available moves as you fight. Wolverine's enhanced senses will help you locate special areas, show you where to go next, and even uncover cloaked or hidden enemies. So pop those claws and get ready to tear it up!
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X-Men Origins: Wolverine Cheats

  • Feral Mode

    Beat the game to unlock Feral Mode.

  • Weapon X Wolverine Costume

    Complete Level 1 to unlock Wolverine's Weapon X costume.

  • Classic Blue And Yellow Wolverine Costume

    Collect all Series 1 comics to unlock the Classic Wolverine costume.

  • X-Men Movie Trilogy Suit

    Defeat Victor Creed in the Level 1 prologue to unlock the X-Men Movie Trilogy suit.

  • Make All Bosses Be In Comic Costumes

    Go to the costumes menu and select the slot under the movie boss.

  • Movie Jacket (Dogtags, Pants And Jacket)

    Complete Level 4

  • X-men Movie Trilogy Suit

    Defeat Victor Creed The Prologue Of Level 1

  • Air Shockwave

    Stay In The Air For 3 Seconds

  • Hawkeye's Mask

    Break 100 Objects

  • S #2

    Recieve An S Rank On Level 2

  • Trophy Hunter (Big Star)

    Collect 100 Dogtags

  • Vicious Combo (Demon Head)

    Achieve A 70 Hit Combo Chain

  • Feral Combo (A Wolf Paw)

    Achieve A 20 Hit Combo Chain

  • Army Clothing (Tank Top, Camo Pants, Dogtags)

    Complete Level 2

  • Furious Combo (Wolf Head)

    Achieve A 60 Hit Combo Chain

  • Wolverine's Claw

    Finish 10 Enemy Waves Using Heavy (X) Attack

  • Gold Cup

    Juggle Your Enemies 20 Times

  • Retro Mode

    Collect All Comics From Series 5 to unlock Retro Mode.

  • S #3

    Recieve An S Rank On Level 3

  • Yellow/Orange And Brown Classic Costume

    Collect All Comics From Series 2

  • Angel

    Perfect Block 50 Times

  • Untouchable (Scout Symbol)

    Take No Damage In A Level

  • Rabid Animal (Triangle Of Stars)

    Go Into Berserker Rage 14 Times

  • S #4

    Recieve An S Rank On Level 4

  • S #5

    Recieve An S Rank On Level 5

  • Wishful Thinking (Blue Ribbon)

    Defeat Victor Creed In The Prologue

  • You Win Bub (Shield)

    Beat The Game

  • Brutal Combo (Lion Head)

    Achieve A 40 Hit Combo Chain

  • Rabid Combo (Fist)

    Achieve A 10 Hit Combo Chain

  • S #1

    Recieve An S Rank On Level 1

  • Ultimate X-men Wolverine Costume

    Collect All Comics From Series 4