Goosebumps HorrorLand Cheats - DS

Game Description:A true Goosebumps adventure comes to life! Start out by heading to Horrorland, a scary theme park where the frights are fantastic. Sounds like good, creepy fun, until you realize the fiends are just a little too real. Play your way through 30 different terrifying rides in five separate areas of the park, each unlockable as you gain more fright points. Ride Bumper Carnage in the Carnival of Screams. Don't get slimed by the Bogtopus in Fever Swamp. Fight to the finish in Mummy Run in the Terror Tombs. Play through the story to reach the jaw-dropping finale, or play one of the rides for some scary fun in Arcade Mode!
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Goosebumps HorrorLand Cheats

  • How to Escape

    First save little girl from vampire village. Second find her in a carriage by a big tree. She will tell you stuff you need to know. You cant go into mini games with her. Once you get far with her she will not appear in carriage. She went into terror tombs. You have to have 50 frights to go in there. To get frights play mini games.