Last King of Africa - DS

Last King of Africa
Game Description:Last King of Africa invites you on a fantastic journey deep into an imaginary Africa where you will play the role of young Ann Smith, daughter of the last king of Maurania. Ann is on her way to assist her dying father on his deathbed when her plane crashes near a city held by a rebel faction, on the north side of the country. Ann lives through this terrible accident and wakes up with amnesia in a prince's palace. That is how her extraordinary journey begins. Designed by Benoit Sokal, this Nintendo DS adventure uses custom-built puzzles and mind-teasers designed for an original and intuitive gameplay that takes advantage of the Nintendo DS functions. The use of the stylus, microphone and your own logic will be of capital importance in solving the puzzles and mind-teasers. Gameplay in Last King of Africa is accomplished with a clear and detailed layout of the game's zones for increased ease of orientation during the course of the adventure. The game also offers a help system to lend a hand to players during exploration phases and to avoid fastidious "pixel hunting". Its visuals offer a lush view of Africa designed with a combination of 2D scenes and detailed 3D characters for a look that brings reality and emotion to this game of perplexing mind-teasers and exciting adventure.
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