Age of Empires: Mythologies Cheats - DS

  • Publisher: THQ
  • Genre:Strategy
  • Developer: Griptonite Games
  • Release Date:Nov 25, 2008
  • # of Players:1 player, 4 online
  • ESRB:E10+ - Everyone 10+ (Mild Violence)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:The hit PC game makes the jump to the innovative Nintendo DS! Play as one of three different cultures - the Greeks, the Egyptians, and the Norse - as you command massive armies, legendary heroes, and divine powers of the gods. Take on the challenge of a unique campaign for each civilization. You can change the tide of the battle with an all-new active combat system, designed for fast and furious battles never before seen in the Empires series. Immersive maps and customizable rules will make the game what you want it to be, and the new Skirmish and Single-Cart Modes mean you can play head-to-head all the way across the world!
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Age of Empires: Mythologies Cheats

  • Cryptozoologist

    Create one of every Myth unit

  • Don't Open the box!

    Win or lose a game where Pandora's box appears, but is not claimed

  • High Warlord

    Win a multiplayer or skirmish game with each core hero

  • Kingslayer

    Kill an enemy hero three times in the same multiplayer or skirmish game

  • Myrmidon

    Win 5 multiplayer Skirmish games as the Greeks

  • Pharoh

    Complete the Egyptian campaign on hard

  • Sacraficial Lamb

    Attack an enemy unit or building with an Egyptian Villager or Greek Architect

  • Berserker

    Complete the Norse Campaign missions on hard

  • Blessed of Asgard

    Win a multiplayer or skirmish game with each Norse core hero

  • Blessed of Egypt

    Win a multiplayer or skirmish game with each Egyptian core Hero

  • Cartographer

    Win a 4 player game with the whole map explored

  • Warlord

    Win 10 games by Conquest

  • Blessed of Olympus

    Win a multiplayer or skirmish game with each Greek core her

  • High Priest

    Use each Major and Minor god at least once in a multiplayer skirmish game

  • Khepesh

    Win 5 multiplayer Skirmish games as the Egyptians

  • Pacifist

    Win a game without attacking any enemy units

  • Spelunker

    Complete all Underworld scenarios

  • Tourist

    Complete all Egyptian scenarios

  • Greek Studies

    Create one of every Greek Myth unit

  • Norse Conquerer

    Complete the Norse Campaign

  • Opened the box

    Win or lose a game while controlling Pandora's box

  • Studious

    Complete the Tutorial Campaaign

  • Vacationer

    Complete all Greek scenarios

  • Greek Conquerer

    Complete the Greek Campaign

  • Ladon the Lamia

    Beat the Greek campaign.

  • Play 1 game on Wi-Fi

    Pay 1 game on Wi-Fi

  • Setekh

    Beat the Egyptian campaign.

  • Devout

    Win 10 games by Temple control

  • Huskari

    Win 5 multiplayer Skirmish games as the Norse

  • Narfi, Son of Loki.

    Complete the Norse Campaign.

  • Wanderer

    Complete all Norse scenarios

  • Demigod

    Complete the Greeek Campaign missions on hard

  • Asgardian

    Create one of every Norse Myth unit

  • Egyptian Conquerer

    Complete the Egyptan Campaign

  • Egyptologist

    Create one of every Egyptian myth unit

  • Hero

    Win 5 multiplayer Skirmish games with each culture

  • Unlock Hard Mode

    Complete all campaign scenarios as Egyptian, Greek, and Norse.