My Baby Girl Cheats - DS

Game Description:Everyone knows it's a challenge to raise a baby, and here's your chance to prove you'll be the world's best parent! When your little bundle of joy arrives, it's up to you to take care of every aspect of your new child's life. Start off by speaking soothing words into the mic, then tilt the bottle at just right angle to make sure there's plenty of formula. Each month, your little one will learn new skills, like following a rattle with their eyes. You have to support this kind of behavior to make sure your baby stays active, happy, and open to new knowledge. As time goes on, you can compile a baby book and take photos to send to grandma!
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My Baby Girl Cheats

  • How to take bath when ! appears

    Calm the baby down. Hum to it, love it, caress it, even tickle it! Be very gentle.