ZUBO Cheats - DS

Game Description:Journey to a planet that's an out-of-this-world fun house in this action-adventure game for Nintendo DS. The planet Zubalon is made up of ten realms, each with an entertaining theme. Explore areas including Fairy Tale, Wild West, Pop, Horror, and more. Along the way you'll meet and befriend the lovable residents of Zubalon, the Zubos. They need your help to defeat the evil Big Head and his army of clones! There are 55 different Zubos you can recruit to your team. Fight Big Head with more than 100 wacky battle moves, including some that'll have you tapping the Stylus along with rhythms and music. Carnival-style mini-games and ad-hoc multiplayer add to the fun.
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ZUBO Cheats

  • Clutch the baseball player

    Earn 1600 points in Practice Mode

  • Slice the golf player

    Earn 4000 points in Practice Mode

  • Snappy the American footballer

    Earn 10000 points in Practice Mode

  • Ace the tennis player

    Earn 400 points in Practice Mode

  • Strike the footballer

    Earn 40 points in Practice Mode

  • White Room Arena

    Earn 10000 points in Practice Mode