FIFA Soccer 09 Cheats - DS

Game Description:The perfect pitch gets even better in FIFA Soccer 09. Take the field with the world's top players and teams, powered by a DS-exclusive game engine designed to deliver the most responsive DS football experience yet. With the action unfolding at double the frame rate, play is more fluid than ever. The new Be A Pro career mode gives you four years to become a national legend. The unique Be A Pro camera gives you a firsthand look at what it's like to close in on the keeper. For the first time, up to three friends can join as fixed players on your favorite side, and much more. 
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FIFA Soccer 09 Cheats

  • Classic Team

    Win 15 games. (Either Manager mode or Kick off)

  • Dribbling Training

    Win at 5 games consecutively

  • Home Stadium Upgrade 2

    Move into first place in the league to unlock.

  • Home Stadium Upgrade 6

    Win your league twice to unlock.

  • Home Stadium Upgrade 4

    Win your domestic cup to unlock.

  • Home Stadium Upgrade 5

    Win your domestic cup twice.

  • Home Stadium upgrade 3

    Win at least 1 league.

  • Giant Team Flag

    Move into the tophalf of the league.

  • Home Stadium Upgrade 1

    Win a blowout (Get a Goal Difference of 3) to unlock

  • Goal Keeper Training

    Remain unbeaten in five games.

  • Interception Training

    Win 10 games

  • World XI

    Win 20 games. (Either Manager mode or Kick off)