Carnival Games Cheats - DS

Game Description:Step right up! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, here's your chance to win one of many amazing prizes! Take a stroll down a virtual midway filled with 20 classic carnival games, including Frog Leap, Clown Splash, Hoops, and more. Tap the Touch Screen to slam clowns in Clown Bonk. Or hit the target and send someone splashing with the Dunk Tank. You can win a ton of upgradeable prizes in some of the most popular games from boardwalks around the world. With the voice of the barker and the sounds of the midway, you can practically taste the cotton candy.
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Carnival Games Cheats

  • pin head

    play alley ball and unlock 3rd prize

  • Radio Replay

    Double click the radio to the right of the little girl by the see-saw to the right of Clown Splash. This will open the game Radio Replay.

  • Lil' Sheba

    Go to alley ball then go left. Go up until you find a cat, then go right, then down. You 'll find a ball. Tap it until it goes to the cat. You will unlock the Lil' Sheba face mask.

  • Flower Friend

    Play with the little girl crying by the see-saw to the right of clown splash. When you're near her in the upper screen it will say "please play with me". Press A and you will play on the see-saw with her. Afterwards she will be happy and jump up and down and give you a daisy called the flower friend prize.

  • Friendly Flower

    Go to the right and there is a girl crying and she is next to a seesaw. Go up to her and it should say "play". Press A or tap on her and when it is done playing it unlocks a flower.

  • Bees

    Double click on the bee hive for a new game

  • Butterfly Wings

    Anywhere in the game there is a blue butterfly, click on it and then you should get the butterfly wings.