Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine Cheats - DS

Game Description:Battle to rule TV's most competitive kitchen in this game based on Iron Chef America! Enter a faithful re-creation of Kitchen Stadium and compete against the Iron Chefs. Just like on the show, you won't know your secret ingredient until you enter the contest. The cook-offs are based on 15 themed ingredients that can produce hundreds of possible dishes. You'll move the DS Stylus furiously to fry, chop, mince, and stir as you create multiple dishes while the clock counts down. Then it's up to the judges to decide if your meal is mouth-watering enough to make you a master. You can also cook head-to-head against a friend. 
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Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine Cheats

  • Electric Mixer

    When mixing something, every time put it on the middle mixing level. This is the fastest and easiest way to mix with no mistakes and it works every time!

  • Feedback

    After you finish a career level battle, look at your percentage for each dish and it will show you what you need to improve on.