Disgaea DS Cheats - DS

  • Publisher: Atlus
  • Genre:RPG, Strategy
  • Developer: NIS
  • Release Date:Sep 24, 2008
  • # of Players:1 player
  • ESRB:T - Teen (Mild Blood,Mild Fantasy Violence,Mild Language,Suggestive Themes)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:Fantasy role-playing favorite Disgaea is now available on your Nintendo DS! Combining familiar elements with new features and a control scheme based around the Touch Screen, Disgaea DS takes the series to the next level. Prince Laharl has awoken from two years of sleep to find his father has died, making him king of the Netherworld. His vassal, Etna, has designs on his throne, and she'll stop at nothing to become Beauty Queen Ultimate Overlord Etna. Expect to find new characters, new dungeons, unlockable characters from other Disgaea titles, and an all-new ad-hoc multiplayer, where powerful objects known as geo cubes will drive your strategy.
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Disgaea DS Cheats

  • Etna Mode

    At the title screen highlight "New Game" and enter the following code.

    Code: X, Y, B, X, Y, B, A

  • Knight

    Female Warrior and Female Mage each at level 10 or higher.

  • Midboss Ending

    Lose to Midboss in Chapter 1, 4, 6 or 10.

  • Etna Mode via New Game +

    Check out all of Etna's entries in her secret chamber before the last chapter and you'll be given the option to do Etna Mode in New Game +.

  • Good/Best Ending

    Complete the game without a single ally kill.

  • Plenair

    After beating the game once talk to Plenair and select the blank option. She will automatically join your group at level 1.

  • Beauty Tyrant Overlord Etna Ending (Etna Mode Only)

    Pass the proposal for Alternate Netherworld and The Mysterious Seal in the Dark Assembly, then move on by defeating Priere, Marjoly and lastly Baal.

  • Ronin

    Female Warrior and Female Fighter each at level 10 or higher.

  • Dark Assembly Ending

    Force proposals in the Dark Assembly 50 times, then finish the game normally.

  • Scout

    2 Fighters/Warriors, Males or Females, each at level 5 or higher.

  • Star Skull

    Get 1 Fire,Ice and Wind Skull and level all 3 of them to level 5.

  • Galaxy Skull

    Level a Prism Skull to Level 50.

  • Item God Ending

    Kill an Item God or Item God 2, then finish the game.

  • Prism Mage

    Level a Star Mage to Level 35.

  • Thief

    Fighter and warrior both at level 5

  • Majin

    Male Warrior, Brawler, Ninja, Rogue and Scout all at level 200 or higher.

  • Normal Ending

    Finish the game with at least 1 ally kill, and do not fulfil requirements for the 7 other endings.

  • Normal/Default Ending (Etna Mode)

    Beat the story normally by finishing the last chapter in Etna mode.

  • Overthrowing Earth Ending

    Pass the "Human World" proposal at the Dark Assembly, then complete the Human World stages.

  • Star Mage

    Get 1 Fire,Ice and Wind Mage and level all 3 of them to level 5.

  • Archer

    Level 3 or higher in Bow Weapon Mastery.

  • EDF Soldier

    Level 30 or higher Gun Weapon Mastery.

  • Etna Heroine Ending

    Get at least 100 ally kills before Chapter 5, Stage 4, then choose to kill Maderas when prompted.

  • Galaxy Mage

    Level a Prism Mage to Level 50.

  • Prism Skull

    Level a Star Skull to Level 35.

  • Unlocking Etna's Chamber

    Push the button behind the throne, and another in the skull beside the weapon shop, and check the wall behind the Prinny in the same room as Longinus.

  • Angel

    Female Cleric, Knight and Archer all at level 100 or higher.

  • Flonne Tragedy Ending

    Get at least 50 ally kills before Chapter 3, Stage 4, then choose to kill Hoggmeiser when prompted.

  • Ninja

    Male Fighter and Male Warrior each at level 10 or higher.