Sega Superstars Tennis Cheats - DS

Game Description:What do Sonic, AiAi, Ulala, and Amigo all do when they need to relax? They prove their incredible tennis skills to each other in no-holds-barred, explosive tennis matches on courts in their hometowns! Over 15 different playable SEGA characters will walk onto unusual courts and outrageous settings, including Sonic's Green Hill Zone or Amigo's Carnival Park. Every character offers their own set of unique skills and amazing superstar powers. Several cameos and other surprises for SEGA fans await those playing, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled. The intuitive, arcade style of play makes sure anyone and everyone can pick up and play - but the depth will keep pros coming back for more!
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Sega Superstars Tennis Cheats

  • Outrun Court

    Beat Level 4 of the Sonic the Hedgehog game.

  • Reala

    Beat the bronze tournament in Doubles.

  • Score Attack Mode

    Beat all Missions in any mini-game.

  • Amy

    Beat the bronze tournament in Singles.

  • Jet Set Radio Court

    Beat Level 1 of the Jet Set Radio game.

  • Pudding

    Beat the gold tournament in Doubles.

  • Shadow the Hedgehog

    Beat the gold tournament in Singles.

  • Gillius

    Beat a tournament with at least 9 million points. Then defeat Dr.Eggman in the Special Stage.

  • Gum

    Beat the silver tournament in Doubles.

  • MeeMee

    Beat the silver tournament in Singles.