Blue Dragon Plus - DS

Game Description:Harness the power of your shadow in this DS chapter of Blue Dragon Plus. A young boy named Shu and his friends have the power to control phantom shadows. A year ago, Shu and his allies won a thrilling victory in a battle that split the world in two, spilling cubes up from the deep. When the shadow of a three-headed dragon emerges from a cube, a new battle begins! Devise your attack strategy on the go in real-time battles. Command units with simple Touch Screen controls. As you complete maps, you'll unlock more of the story on a lengthy quest filled with intense battles and shadow fights.
G4TV Rating
4 / 5
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    3 / 5
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In this X-Play Review, Morgan takes a look at the new Nintendo DS game 'Blue Dragon Plus'. This RPG is a lot of fun, but is the horrible, boring and unskippable dialogue enough to drag it down? Find out in this review.

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