Winx Club: Mission Enchantix Cheats - DS

Game Description:The Winx Club fairies are back, and this time, they're more fun than ever! Play as all six Winx fairies in this sequel to Quest for the Codex. Ten different chapters are waiting for you to explore, each with a series of puzzles for you to solve. Follow the events of season three of the hit TV show while flexing your new spells, including the powerful Enchantix Transformation. Each club member has her own mini-game for you to master. An expanded Magic Closet allows you to not only dress up each fairy, but also to design your own outfits and share them with your friends! Over 100 unlockable items will keep you exploring - can you get them all?
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Winx Club: Mission Enchantix Cheats

  • Transformations/Songs

    For each Winx girl's Winx transformation, you must complete her Mini-Game. For the songs go on Musical jam or Layla's Mini-Game, and select the song you want in the song place. Then keep on playing that song, and Aceing it. When you get to Extreme Difficulty, A it and it should go in your song bank. If not then try the other girls Mini-Game...