Thrillville: Off the Rails Cheats - DS

Game Description:All the action is back in the sequel to the theme-park simulator which swept the nation! Build your own park and coasters, then step on board to enjoy the rides in their full glory. Over 20 different, massive coasters are available, including Hotrod Stunt, where a car rockets across the broken track; Pendulizer, where an arm swings the car around full circle before setting it back down; and Escape Drop, where the car is lifted to a full, 90-degree drop and sent flying down. Play through over 100 missions with a fun, lighthearted storyline, as well as several different multiplayer mini-games and all-new ways to interact with your guests.
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Thrillville: Off the Rails Cheats

  • large money trophy

    reach more than 120,000

  • Complete "Chatterbox" mission

    Talk with 25 guests at Thrillville Pirates

  • Money Ribbon

    Reach more than $10,000.

  • Small smiley Trophy

    Keep maximum happiness for 45 minutes.

  • Bucket plaque

    Have no dirty rides for 35 minutes

  • Get rich!

    Collect $2,000,000.

  • Medium Clock Trophy

    Play more than 80 minutes to get the medium clock trophy.

  • Golden Donkey Derby Prestige Toy

    Become Donkey Derby's game master or defeat all the high scores.

  • Large Clock Trophy

    Play more than 100 minutes

  • Small Thrills Trophy

    Reach more than 80,000 Thrills

  • Smiley Ribbon

    Keep maximum happiness for 5 minutes.

  • Tool Ribbon

    Have no broken rides for 10 minutes

  • zombie skin from thrillville chills

    beat all of thrillville chills missions both management and mystery

  • maniac fart

    Just fart through the mic of the DS and and every guest will faint while plugging their noses. If your mascot is not thrillville fantasy it will go to you and say "good thing i was wearing this mask". Then you get to unlock one thing for free.

  • Hardcore Gamer

    Build 6 Game stalls in Thrillville 2525

  • Princess leia from star wars skin

    beat all mystery missions

  • Buy rides then sell them

    Buy 10 or 12 rides then you sel them then a sign wiil say You got the Money! Go to the thrill HQ then you will see the money.

  • Free Money

    Kick the guy in the clown suit in the first theme park and whatch the money fly..