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Game Description:Summer gets served up animal style in this animal-care sim where you'll spend a summer interning at a world-famous zoo! Your veterinarian aunt, Lucy, has invited you to come work with her. With her guidance, you'll explore the animal kingdom and learn basics of animal care. Use the DS Stylus and Touch Screen to diagnose and treat illnesses, apply bandages, administer vaccines, pull teeth, take X-Rays, and more. Learn to read animal's body language, apply a variety of soothing techniques, and even perform surgery. Your patients include 40 types of animals from all corners of the animal kingdom, including kangaroos, zebras, chimps, cobras, eagles, pandas, and many others.
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Zoo Hospital News

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  • Large Batch of Majesco Game Media For Wii/DS

    Click the image below for the Wonderworld Amusement Park image gallery Majesco drops a megaton of media with all of their upcoming/recently released games. From babysitting and cooking to thrill rides and zoo-keeping, Wii and DS fans of these following franchises will have plenty to waggle their wiimote at or poke with their stylus. Click the...

    Posted July 10, 2008

    Large Batch of Majesco Game Media For Wii/DS
  • Majesco Announces E3 Lineup

    Casual game maker Majesco announced their E3 line-up this morning, and the charge is being led by cartoonish music game Major Minor's Majestic March to be released on the Wii. Other highlights: Cooking Mama's World Kitchen, a collection of cooking mini-games for the Wii , and DS amusement park mini-game colelction Wonder World Amusement Park....

    Posted July 9, 2008| 2 Comments

    Majesco Announces E3 Lineup