N+ Cheats - DS

Game Description:Leap into action as a ninja with some serious vertical in this addictive 2D platformer. Based on the 2005 N freeware game, N+ offers a chance to play the original or a graphically enchanced N+ version. Leap around the screen in over 200 single-player levels, racing against the clock to collect gold and trigger the exit. Once you've opened the exit, you've still gotta get there, and there are plenty of traps in your way. Look out for pitfalls, mines, missiles, machine-gunning robots, and other dangers. The action continues with over 150 co-op and versus multi-player levels, online leaderboards, unlockable bonus powers and content, a level editor, and more. 
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N+ Cheats

  • Atari Bonus Levels

    Hold L + R and enter the following code at the unlockables screen.

    Code: A, B, A, B, A, A, B

  • Blitz Map pack

    Collect 1200 gold

  • Gold Ninja

    Beat all 45 Episodes

  • Victory Animation 3

    Collect 1100 gold

  • Victory Animation 5

    Collect 10000 gold

  • Co-op Map pack

    Collect 2500 gold

  • Victory Animation 4

    Collect 1500 gold

  • Victory Dance 01

    Complete episode 01

  • Music 2

    Collect 20,000 total gold

  • Vicory Animation 1

    Collect 400 gold

  • Domination Map pack

    Collect 3000 gold

  • Tag Map pack

    Collect 3500 gold

  • Green Ninja

    Collect 700 gold

  • Green ninja

    Complete episode 03

  • Purple Ninja

    Collect 1000 gold

  • Victory Animation 2

    Collect 800 gold

  • Blue Ninja

    Collect 500 gold

  • Blue ninja

    Complete episode 02

  • Red Ninja

    Collect 300 gold

  • Red ninja

    Complete episode 01

  • Bonus Music 1

    Collect 900 gold

  • Pink Ninja

    Collect 5,000 total gold