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Game Description:Here's a game that's all about points. And shapes. And angles! Blast through space battling crazy shapes in Geometry Wars: Galaxies. This new installment of the Geometry Wars franchise expands the universe in every direction, giving you tons of new worlds to save. The first Geometry Wars single-player campaign will send you battling through new grids swarming with wave after wave of enemies. Your automated battle drone is your trusty sidekick ready to follow your every command. Galaxies also features an insane multiplayer mode and a full version of Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved. Link your game with the Wii version to unlock special bonus content.
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Geometry Wars: Galaxies News

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  • Prepare Your Wallets: Geometry Wars Arrives For iPad

    Apple and its content partners are doing a great job of convincing me to hit "buy" on Apple.com right now. The latest? Activision's dropped Geometry Wars: Touch for iPad on the iTunes App Store. No, I don't know how Geometry Wars will work on an iPad, but the idea of a touch-based, HD-sized version of Geometry Wars that can come on...

    Posted April 1, 2010

    Prepare Your Wallets: Geometry Wars Arrives For iPad
  • Free 13-Minute Megamix of 'Geometry Wars' Music Released

    Fans of the music from Geometry Wars or electronic music should direct your Internet web browsing program of choice to Bizarre Creations' website to download a 13-minute megamix of music from the franchise. It's pretty chill, bro. Also, it's totally making me want to start a war on geometry. Get it while it's hot. Source

    Posted January 12, 2009| 5 Comments

    Free 13-Minute Megamix of 'Geometry Wars' Music Released
  • 'Geometry Wars: Galaxies' Late

    Geometry Wars: Galaxies is going to be late everywhere, and it's bad enough that it's going to take a while to get to the United States, where the new release date will be this Tuesday, the 20th, but in Europe, they're not going to get it until after the holiday season, on January 18th. Now, that's a bummer,especially if you were looking to...

    Posted November 14, 2007| 1 Comment

    'Geometry Wars: Galaxies' Late