Geometry Wars: Galaxies Cheats - DS

Game Description:Here's a game that's all about points. And shapes. And angles! Blast through space battling crazy shapes in Geometry Wars: Galaxies. This new installment of the Geometry Wars franchise expands the universe in every direction, giving you tons of new worlds to save. The first Geometry Wars single-player campaign will send you battling through new grids swarming with wave after wave of enemies. Your automated battle drone is your trusty sidekick ready to follow your every command. Galaxies also features an insane multiplayer mode and a full version of Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved. Link your game with the Wii version to unlock special bonus content.
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Geometry Wars: Galaxies Cheats

  • crazy drone

    drone goes crazy if you spin and fire at the same time. if done right your drone wil go ballistic and shoot at everything possible (except you). eventually it calms down or explodes.