Mega Man ZX Advent Cheats - DS

Game Description:Twenty years after its debut, the Mega Man franchise keeps serving up non-stop action. Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the series by playing Mega Man ZX Advent. Choose from two playable heroes, Grey and Ash, each with distinct but interwoven storylines that wind through a war between men and machines. Harness the power of the mysterious Biometal model A, which takes five possible forms and holds one special ability. Use the Biometal's Megamerge ability to harness the powers of defeated bosses, upping your skills so you can find hidden routes, uncover key items, and defeat more powerful enemies. Beyond the two main storylines, ZX Advent also features head-to-head and co-op multiplayer modes plus five Mega mini-games.
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Mega Man ZX Advent Cheats

  • Advent Quiz (US/EU versions)

    Finish the game once

  • Secret Model: Model a

    Collect all 24 medals from bosses. Start a new game and play until you got Model A, then go to use item "a" in your inventory. Credit goes to PuiKung.

  • Boss Battle Mode

    Complete Boss Survival Mode

  • Rockman [Mega Man] a (Antique)

    Finish the game on Beginner or Expert Mode

  • Boss Survival

    Finish the game with both characters

  • Maniac Mode (aka Expert Mode in US

    Beat the game on Expert Mode (aka Standard Mode in US)