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Game Description:Dementium: The Ward pushes the Nintendo DS over the edge and into a dark world it's never been before. The first mature-themed FPS made for DS, Dementium thrusts you into a twisted world filled with grotesque creatures, eerie atmosphere, and frightening gameplay. You'll awaken - alone - in a mysterious hospital. The gnarled results of surgical-experiments-gone-wrong wander the halls. Confront your deepest fears, survive the hospital's terrors, and you just might escape with your life. Stay focused in the face of chilling visuals and sound effects as you fight enemies and solve puzzles. The game's added psychological element does its best to drive you out of your mind.
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Dementium: The Ward Cheats

  • Easy the cleaver chapter

    when you first walk in the the cleaver will shoot green puke at you. dodge it if you can and hide behind the corner of the wall next to the entrance where you came in. his arm should be cought on the corner preventing him from reaching you and trapping him at the same time. unload youre whole shotgun at his mouth in about 10 or 15 seconds he...

  • Electric Buzz Saw Chapter

    When you're fighting the guy in a wheelchair at the end of the game you should not hide behind the walls. First make sure your ammo and health are completley full. Then when you're with the guy in the wheelchair run after him and while you're running shoot him. Wait until your little amo thing turns red. Before you even start playing when your...