Ratatouille Cheats - DS

Game Description:Restaurants don't like rats in the kitchen. Neither do their customers. But that's not going to stop young rat Remy from trying to become the next great French chef! Disney and Pixar serve up a rollicking rodent adventure with this game based on their animated film. Relive the movie from a rat's-eye view as you journey with Remy from Paris' stinking sewers to its busy streets. Complete  missions and mini-games packed with menacing enemies, daring robberies, rat races, and other heart-pounding challenges. It all comes to life with voices from the film's star-studded cast.
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Ratatouille Cheats

  • to open closed gates/vents

    To open closed gates/vents you'll have to find a ball. To roll a ball you have jump onto it and press B then you have total control of the ball. You will have to roll the ball back towards the gate/vent and just roll into it. It may not go through because some gates/vents have to be opened from the other side .