MySims Cheats - DS

Game Description:Every run-down town needs someone to swoop in and revamp the tired old place. And that person is you. It's your job to give the town a huge makeover - bring in new shop owners that will hopefully attract money-spending tourists. Leave it to the town's residents to give you a variety of missions and special abilities. Take on 10 different mini-games, including paragliding and racquetball, to earn money. Then, take your earnings to buy more items for your home base, which becomes available as more people come to your town. Progress from a shack to a massive mansion and make it your own!
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MySims Cheats

  • large Elizebeth house

    Pay Elizebeth (a wealthy sim) 10 thousand simoleons and she will give you a massive house that was once her pets house! Furniture does not come with it!

  • Meet More People

    Go to the casino at night and talk to both the card dealers, play both games and they will appear on your relationships list.

  • Sparkles

    Next time you have a lot of time in the day, with nothing to do, go to bed, and wake up at night.when walking around at night, walk, don't run, because you might miss a few sparkles! now, when you see sparkles, walk up to them, and touch them or press the "A" button, and you'll either get a fish, flower, item, or even a rare item!so check every...

  • House in the Mountains

    Get to the last star and go to the gate first. Then take a photo. Start all over again without saving. Then get back to the save with the last star. You'll bea ble to walk through the gate. Go inside the house for a scary surprise.

  • Glitter Tip

    If you see a glitter along the way....have patience to click and click it. There might be somrthing good to come out like money,furniture or maybe even gifts!

  • Get more stars

    If you're a bit stuck on what to do to get more stars, go to the cake shop (unlocked in star 3) and by a cake from Charlie, and he will tell you rumours about who is looking for you, feeling sad or who has good news.

  • Tourist Info

    You need to be quick about helping tourists because after awhile they'll leave. As you gain stars more tourists will visit. Tourists are a good way to get simoleans next to sparkles.

  • Easy Money

    To earn a lot of money go out fishing and fish for about 30 minutes, if you are patient enough go fishing for about an hour and go and sell the fish to Joseph(my favorite character). This helps you find better fish and the fish helps bring in the dough! or playing the racquetball game helps out too, but this takes a lot of patience.