Garfield's Nightmare Cheats - DS

Game Description:Garfield has never been known to hold back when it comes to dinner. But this time, his gluttonous appetite is coming back to haunt him – in his dreams! Finding himself in a strange and scary castle, Garfield desperately wants to escape his dream. But he smashed his alarm clock in the "real world," and now his only hope of returning lies in finding the shattered remnants of his clock and putting it back together! Navigate 16 challenging levels to find the pieces of the clock. Beautiful 3D environments, including the Haunted Castle, Cloudy Realm, and Winter Wonderland, must be explored in order to wake from the nightmare. 3 unlockable mini-games will keep you coming back!
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Garfield's Nightmare Cheats

  • Secret passage in 1.1

    Go on the castle steps and bounce on the castle you will find an extra life.

  • Secret passage in 2.1

    Deafeat the Lava birds and bounce on the steps there will be a sign saying go right go left and bounce onto some steps on the last step you will find an extra life.

  • Secret passage in 3.1

    On the way to the end of the level you will find some clouds each has a fan on it there is an extra life on one fan keep on going up and turn left bounce on some clouds and you will find a switch stamp on the switch and the fan will stop go back down and get the extra life.

  • Secret passage in 4.1

    After deafeating the penguins bounce on some steps there you will find a some more steps bounce on them and and on the last one jump up high and you will find and extra life.