Nanostray 2 Cheats - DS

Game Description:This modern classic returns to the Nintendo DS, bringing more shooting action to the portable arena. Pick a control style, ranging from Classic - which doesn't use the Touch Screen - or Right- or Left-Handed Controls. Unlock six different weapons for your ship, then configure them to make sure you're ready to match the challenge ahead of you. Fight your way through 100 unique enemies and 16 gigantic bosses, as well as seemingly impassable obstacles. Play through the levels in Adventure Mode, which includes beautiful cutscenes, or Arcade Mode, which gives you gameplay with no story, or challenge a friend to a Duel using only one cartridge!
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Nanostray 2 Cheats

  • Arcade Mode Stages

    To unlock the stages in Arcade Mode you first have to play through them in Adventure Mode.

  • Nanorush Simulator

    Complete Challenge Set B

  • Nanotorque Simulator

    Complete Challenge Set C

  • Nanobreak Simulator

    Complete Challenge Set A

  • Nanogrid Simulator

    Complete Challenge Set D