FIFA Soccer 07 Cheats - DS

Game Description:FIFA Soccer 07 brings the best of both worlds, delivering a complete global soccer experience while bringing you closer than ever to your home team! Twenty-seven leagues from more than 20 countries give you over 510 clubs to choose from. Put your team pride on the line in new online Interactive Leagues, where you'll play against fans of your favorite club's real-life rivals according to actual league schedules. Lifelike crowds create a raucous atmosphere. Enhanced Manager Mode adds the ability to create your own club. Stay plugged in to the latest sports news with a new online sports ticker. You'll also find improved AI, better shot mechanics, and more.
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FIFA Soccer 07 Cheats

  • Interception mini-game

    Win ten games in Career mode.

  • Additional chant effects

    Win ten games in any mode other than Career mode.

  • Goalkeeper mini-game

    Remain undefeated after five Career mode games.

  • Dribbling mini-game

    Win five consecutive games in Career mode.

  • Classic team

    Complete Challenge mode.

  • Home Stadium Upgrade 1

    Win a blowout in Career mode.

  • Home Stadium Upgrade 4

    Win your domestic cup in the Career mode.

  • Home Stadium Upgrade 2

    Reach first place in the league in Career mode.

  • Home Stadium Upgrade 6

    By winning the league twice in the Career mode.

  • Home Stadium Upgrade 5

    Win your domestic cup twice in Career mode.

  • Home Stadium Upgrade 3

    By winning the league in the Career mode.

  • Challenge mode

    Win five games.

  • Giant team flag

    Win a Career mode match.