Nintendogs: Dalmatian & Friends Cheats - DS

Game Description:You may have experienced puppy love, but Nintendogs is guaranteed to inspire a full-blown canine crush. Raise and bond with your very own puppy in this popular pet simulation. Like other Nintendogs titles, Dalmatian & Friends comes preloaded with six breeds. You'll start with Dalmatian, Golden Retriever, Beagle, Boxer, German Shepherd, and Yorkshire Terrier. You can unlock 13 additional breeds by playing with other owners in wireless Bark Mode. Teach your dog tricks with the DS mic. Pet them with the DS Stylus. Compete in doggy skill challenges to win money and buy more dogs! Since your best friend is virtual, no matter where you go, dogs are always allowed!
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Nintendogs: Dalmatian & Friends Cheats

  • Delete Profile

    If you don't like your profile, follow these directions.

    Code: Hold A, B, X, Y, L, and R. Then if you want to delete your profile select "Yes".

  • The Ranch House

    You can unlock "The Ranch House" when you get 25,000 trainer points and to get trainer points look at Tips and Tricks.

  • Cavailer K.C Spaniel

    2,000 trainer points

  • Get Presents on Walks

    When you go on a walk go across as much "?" marks as posible, you might meat a dog, but you can always find a present on another "?" mark , if your dog brings a gift up to the screen befor clicking the arrow to see what you got say what item you want in the microphone three times then click "a" and "b" at the same time and then click the...

  • Shiba Inu

    If you find a Japanese collar on your walk, you will find Shiba Inu puppies available at your kennels

  • Backflip

    Tell the dog to sit down, then with the stylus point up and the dog will do a back flip.

  • How Many Trainer Points You Get For Walking.(And Quick Too.)

    So how many trainer points do you get for walking your dog?First,look and see how many trainer points you have.Then,take your dog for a walk.When you get back from your walk,you will have 70 more trainer points than what you had!

  • Wave Paw

    First, make your dog sit.Then,you hold one ear up in the air and then it will wave its paw up and down.

  • Easy Trainer Points

    If you need trainer points, here is an easy way (if you are good at contests). First, enter any contest of your choice. If you win first prize, you get 100 trainer points!

  • High Five

    As your dog is standing simply tap on the dog's hand as if you were doing a shake.

  • unlimited walks and free presents

    plan your route out and get as many ? as you can but you must go to the park before you go home . then dont get any more ? when youre at the park change your acssesory to a differant item then go back and it will save. once its saved turn your nintendo off then turn it back on then you will have your presents and you can go on another walk just...

  • Sneeze

    Touch its nose and touch the lighbulb and say sneeze

  • New Dog in Kennel

    Find someone on bark mode who has got some dogs you havent when you return expect that same type of dog at your kennel.

  • More Trainer Points

    Wash your dog and then put it on charge and put the brush on the dog. Every minute you will get three points.

  • Free Cleaning

    To clean your dog without wasting money on shampoo use a brush on your dog untill it sparkles like it does after a bath. it takes a little longer but you get trainer points for every minute you do it and it is free (except for the brush).

  • Need to win contest?

    First before you enter a contest save the game then finish the contest. If you dont do well turn the DS off and start the contest all over again when you want!

  • Surprise pressies!

    To pick up the surprise pressies you come accross, lead your puppy towards the pressie- BUT remember not to take your stylus off the screen or you puppy may think you don't want it. If your running with your puppy it's easy to run past the little parcels by mistake. You can drag your puppy right back as long as the stylus does not leave the screen.

  • How to walk far with your dog!

    If you do a contest with your dog and are getting good at it your walk bar will get longer so you can walk even further.

  • Trainer points

    When you go to brush your dog just leave the brush on your dog and every minuite you do you get one trainer point so leave your nintendo on the charger and the brush on your dog over night and you will have more points than before!

  • front flip while off ground

    If you get a broken clock when you are out on a walk, you can use it as a frizby. When you go to the park, get the broken clock out and throw it. When your dog jumps for the frizby, your dog will do a forward flip in the air. This will work on any breed. The broken clock is in the sports collection in supplies. Its brilliant =]!!!

  • Money and Golden Statues

    When you donate a dog go for a walk to the park and make sure there are no dogs there. When you get there the dog you donated will be there and it will come to you with a present. It will give you a present. Open the present to get a golden statue of your dog. If you don't like it you can sell it at the secondhand shop for a lot of money and...

  • Losing Presents

    When you are on a walk and on the top screen your picture of your dog stops but your dog is still running that indicates that there is a present or garbage there. If there is a present there and you are running to fast you will miss the present but if you do happen to miss it keep pulling your dog back and DONT take your stylus off the screen or...

  • 6 puppies

    You can get 6 puppies by putting 2 in the doggie hotel and then buying them.

  • 8 pets

    All you have to do is buy your three pets, and then keep one in the house and put the other two in the doggie hotel. Buy two more and put them into the hotel. You can keep up to five in the hotel and three in your house.