Touch the Dead Cheats - DS

Game Description:Rob Steiner finds himself trapped in a living nightmare and can't escape. Not only does he wake to find himself locked up in prison, he's the only human in a jail that's now teeming with zombies.  Fight your way to safety in this first-person-action-shooter gorefest. Use the DS stylus to blow zombies to bits - literally - with melee and projectile weapons that inflict zombie-wrecking damage in six spots. Rip holes in heads, send limbs flying, and more. Cock your shotgun and put the undead to final rest in four terrifying chapters. And if you're too chicken to go it alone, have a friend join in for Co-Op Story Mode.
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Touch the Dead Cheats

  • Level 1-3 Help

    When you are in the sewer he will turn to the right then left shoot the lock off then start shooting boxes you will gain health when you are running. Don't shoot the fat ones, they can't hurt you.