MechAssault: Phantom War Cheats - DS

Game Description:Step into the ultimate war machine as you command a 32nd-century combat force: the BattleMech. You're a MechWarrior, an elite fighter using even-more-elite military equipment in this futuristic third-person shooter. Complete 24 single-player campaigns spanning four planets. Command 20 types of vehicles, including mechs, tanks, turrets, and more. Obliterate your enemies with a fully upgradeable arsenal or gain the upper hand by activating Mech-defense systems. You can hack into enemy territory, hijack enemy mechs, and more through the DS touch screen. MechAssault Phantom War also features three multiplayer modes, four-mech wireless multiplayer combat, and bonus unlockable mechs, cheats, and maps.
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MechAssault: Phantom War Cheats

  • Ragnarok Assault Mech in multi-player mode

    Play the "Divergent Entry" mission. Climb the wall to access the second area. Look to the right to find a locked bunker. Use the access terminal on the left side of that bunker to play the hacking mini-game. Complete the game to unlock the bunker, which contains the Ragnarok Assault Mech. Use that mech to After finishing the level you will...

  • Cheat mode

    Finish the game with a 100% completion to unlock the cheats after the credits.