Transformers: Autobots Cheats - DS

Game Description:The Earth must be saved! Fate is in your hands as you take control of the awesome Autobots! Transform instantly from a massive robot to a high-powered vehicle to leave enemies in the dust or compliment your combat strategy. Utilize the destructible environment to your advantage. Choose your character as you take on more than 20 missions and 20 challenges, or battle your friends over the Wi-Fi Connection. Use your huge weight and size as you battle in melee combat using weapons and moves unique to the characters. Or let distance be your friend as you utilize a wide array of projectile weapons.
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Transformers: Autobots Cheats

  • No Clip

    Pause the game and enter the following.

    Code: Left, Left, Right, Right, Up, Up, Down, Down, A

  • flame truck

    go into the a nice part of a city then look around (may have to stand there for awile)when u see it scan it then go and choose your car (the flame truck will be down close to the bottom of the list)

  • Hidden vehicle-recon chopper

    To get the recon copter when you get to your second/third visit to Tranqulity, gain a level four threat level and sooner or later it'll arive and scan it. Note: It shoots missiles, so be careful.

  • Autobots Playable in Freeplay

    Finish the story once to unlock Optimus Prime, Jazz, Wratchet, Bumblebee, and Ironhide in Freeplay mode.

  • Transformer Sword

    Beat three challenges in allspark wars.This works for any transformer. When you unlock this go to the cheat menu and you will find it there this will be able to turn this on and off.