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Game Description:Hundreds of years after their war, humans and reploids live in peace in the Inner Universe. In the unstable Outer Sector, robots known as Mavericks wreak havoc. It's there that an ancient technology, Biometals, is uncovered. Two couriers, Vent and Aile, are attacked while transporting Model X and Model Z Biometals. The two Biometals are fused together, giving the couriers powerful new skills. They'll need them to fight a menacing enemy with unknown but dangerous goals! Play as Vent or Aile (Mega Man's first female lead) on an open-ended map, trying to obtain Biometals. With two DS screens to fill, the Mega Man action has never been bigger!
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Mega Man ZX News

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  • Capcom Trademarks Mega Man Universe

    In “Oh, what ever could it mean?!” news, Capcom has filed a trademark for a new Mega Man game called Mega Man Universe. The patent covers everything from “computer games in the form of cartridges, cassettes, discs or tapes” to downloadable mobile games to screen savers and ring tones. No mention of online games, which...

    Posted April 27, 2010

    Capcom Trademarks Mega Man Universe
  • Mega Man Fights Leukemia

    Among Mega Man's man enemies are Dr. Cossack, Dr. Wiley and now, Leukemia! Allow us to explain: 19 year-old gamer Chuck Guarino aims to raise money to fight juvenile cancer through a Mega Man Marathon. Guarino and his pals plan to play various Mega Man games for 48 hours straight, starting with the first game and continuing to the last. You'll...

    Posted July 29, 2008| 6 Comments

    Mega Man Fights Leukemia
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