Chaos League - DS

Chaos League
Game Description:A port of the hybrid RTS-sports title originally from developer Cyanide. Chaos League brings together sports, fantasy and brutal, chaotic action on a playing field where the primary objectives are typical but the gameplay is anything but. Players must score points, win games, advance to championship rounds, and of course play for the ultimate trophy, but Chaos League serves up some extra excitement with its absence of rules, corrupt referees and mythical, powerful opponents from a very different type of league. This adaptation of the PC game has been made more action-packed and easier to play, with new content and more polished gameplay for easy accessibility. The DS version is also planned to feature wireless multiplayer and touchscreen play. Developer Neko Entertainment had announced that it was working with partner Cyanide on console and handheld editions of Chaos League, but a publisher had not yet picked up the game, and the title was still a work-in-project concept rather than a fully-committed game. A settlement of rights with Games Workshop and Cyanide of the Chaos League license unfortunately made this project unlikely to see light of day, although the two did commit instead to titles in the Blood Bowl franchise.
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